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Date de mise à jour 17 Mar 2014




Date de mise à jour 01 Jan 2014

UNHCR is providing Population Planning Figures for Niger in order to provide means for the Humanitarian communities to plan its activities pending the completion of the countrywide individual registration. This figure is a national estimate for 2014.


Report Date: 16/04/2014
Un projet de Titouan lamazou
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Report Date: 03/04/2014
On 18 March 2014, UNHCR has helped 29 refugees who fled Nigeria to benefit from cataract surgery. In Niger and Nigeria, the social and economic conditions of the visually impaired persons and their families are characterized by an extreme poverty. For these people, recover the view means hope and a regained dignity.
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UNHCR Burkina Faso: Workshop on Improving Health Assistance to Refugees Ouagadougou, 1 to 2 October, 2013
UNHCR Burkina Faso, 06 Oct 2013
On the 1 and 2 October, UNHCR organized a health workshop, which involved the refugees, governmental health authorities and NGO partners to discuss and debate how to improve the health care and medical services provided to refugees as well as to host communities neighboring refugee sites in Burkina ...
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UNHCR Burkina Faso: Launch of Food and Cash Transfers by UNHCR-WFP Sag-nioniogo camp on 21 and 22 August, 2013
UNHCR Burkina Faso, 21 Aug 2013
On the 21 and 22 August, 2013, WFP with support from UNHCR launched the cash-transfers mixed with food distribution in Sag-nioniogo camp. This new way of distributing food and cash results from a cash feasibility study undertaken jointly by UNHCR and WFP during the Food Assessment done in April 2...
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UNHCR Burkina Faso: Goudoubo Refugee Commitee Workshop - 20 to 22 August
UNHCR Burkina Faso, 20 Aug 2013
From the 20 to 22 of August, a workshop was organized for the newly elected refugee committees of Goudoubo by UNHCR and IEDA-Relief in order to continue their capacity-building and ensure an effective community based management of camps. The training included principles of coordination and admin...
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UNHCR Burkina Faso: Launch Biometric Registration Level III in Burkina Faso on the 19 August, 2013
UNHCR Burkina Faso, 19 Aug 2013
On the 19 August 2013, UNHCR and the Government of Burkina Faso represented by the CONAREF (Commission Nationale Pour les Réfugiés), in collaboration with several implementing partners, launched the Biometric Registration Level III of Refugees residing in Burkina Faso at the Refugee Community Cent...
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UNHCR Burkina Faso: UNHCR promotes re-forestation in the Sahel Region of Burkina Faso
UNHCR Burkina Faso, 16 Aug 2013
On the 16 August, 2013, UNHCR, with the participation of CONAREF, the NGO HELP-Germany, OCADES and the Direction Régionale de l’Environement et du Développement Durable, launched the beginning of a re-forestation exercise in order to improve the environment of the host population that have so wa...
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