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35,200 Individuals
Population du ressort du HCR
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Réfugiés maliens


Date de mise à jour 31 Aug 2016
Source - UNHCR

Personnes Déplacées au Mali


Date de mise à jour 31 Aug 2016
Source - Gouvernement du Mali, MSAHRN (Rapport DTM)

Réfugiés nigerians


Date de mise à jour 16 Sep 2016
Source - UNHCR

Personnes Déplacées au Nigeria


Date de mise à jour 31 Aug 2016



Hunger stalks NE Nigeria as governments and donors to Lake Chad Basin crisis meet
Oxfam, 23 Sep 2016
The ongoing conflict with Boko Haram in West Africa has pushed the number of people facing the threat of severe hunger to more than 6 million according to the latest assessments, say 15 humanitarian organizations. The warning comes as governments and donors meet to talk about the humanitarian crisis...
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Nigeria returnees face shelter problems, economic challenges, food shortages
UNHCR, 23 Sep 2016
As the Nigerian government continues to open up areas formerly controlled by Boko Haram and to facilitate the return of thousands of people to their home areas in the north-east, the scale of the damage is becoming more and more apparent and new humanitarian challenges are emerging. The governmen...
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Will changes in Boko Haram leadership revive local support?
Institute for Security Studies, 22 Sep 2016
Local support for the so-called West Africa Province of the Islamic State (more commonly referred to as Boko Haram) has always been a nebulous subject. Often measured in terms of recruitment, local support for the organisation has been erratic over time and shaped by various factors. Nonetheless,...
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Chibok girls: Nigeria's Buhari calls for UN mediation
BBC, 22 Sep 2016
Nigeria's president has called for the UN to mediate with militant Islamist group Boko Haram to secure the release of schoolgirls it is holding captive. Muhammadu Buhari said he was prepared to swap militants who are in custody for the girls. The more than 200 girls were seized during a raid o...
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Boko Haram Rages in Nigeria, but the World’s Eyes Are Elsewhere
New York Times, 22 Sep 2016
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — The crisis spawned by Boko Haram has drawn hundreds of thousands of people to a relatively little-known city in Nigeria that has finally become safe enough for them to wait out an end to the awful, deadly war. With villagers from the countryside pouring in, it is almost as ...
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