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35,200 Individuals
Refugees from South Sudan in Kenya: Post 15 Dec 2013
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Refugees from South Sudan in Kenya: Post 15 Dec 2013


Registered and Awaiting Registration
Last Updated 15 Feb 2018

Source - UNHCR

Refugees and asylum-seekers from South Sudan in Kenya: Pre 15 Dec 2013


Registered and Awaiting Registration
Last Updated 15 Feb 2018

Source - UNHCR
Kenya - pre-15 December 2013 static figure
Pre-15 December caseload may change due to registration, births, deaths and departures. As of 15 December, the figure of pre-influx refugees (and asylum-seekers) was 45,239

Refugees and asylum-seekers from South Sudan in Kenya: Total


Registered and Awaiting Registration
Last Updated 15 Feb 2018

Source - UNHCR

Male (52.9%) Age (47.1%) Female
7.1% 0 - 4 6.8%
12.3% 5 - 11 9%
14.4% 12 - 17 14.3%
18.8% 18 - 59 16.1%
0.3% 60 + 0.9%

Population Planning figure


Last Updated 16 Mar 2017

Source - UNHCR

  Refugees and asylum-seekers from South Sudan in Kenya: Total

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  Breakdown by Settlement

Settlement Current Total    
70 %
24.3 %
4.9 %
0.9 %

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458 households have benefited from kitchen gardens aimed at improving food security at household level in Kalobeyei settlement.
31 Aug 2017
Good Neighbors International (GNI), a Korean NGO will partner with UNHCR to initiate the construction of a secondary school in Kakuma camp with a capacity to host 1,000 students.
14 Jul 2017
Over 3,500 new arrivals to benefit from the opening of 3 temporary schools, put up to decongest the existing school, in Kalobeyei settlement by UNHCR in collaboration with WFP, UNICEF, and partners.
13 Jun 2017
The UN Refugee Agency has organized a Mr. and Miss 2017 World Refugee Day beauty pageant that will see contestants from the refugee and host community compete for this year’s title. Auditions have been conducted and a total of 30 contestants selected from Kakuma and Kalobeyei to compete in this year’s beauty pageant. The event is set to take place on the 19th June 2017 at Liz Ahua Hall in Kakuma 3.
09 Jun 2017
The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and livelihood partners will, from 16 – 18 June, hold the World Refuge Day Market Day at Kakuma 3 (opposite the reception centre). The market day themed ‘Bei Nafuu, Bidhaa Bora’ is aimed at unlocking marketing opportunity for refugee and host community entrepreneurs.
06 Jun 2017


Briquette project for refugees and host community launched in Turkana
UN-Habitat, 07 Jul 2017
UN-Habitat in collaboration with World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) has launched a project for briquette production in Kalobeyei new refugee settlement and the host community in a commitment to address their energy needs improve access and increase availability of sustainable fuel. According to th...
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One killed along West Pokot- Turkana border as leaders call for peace
The Standard, 21 Jun 2017
One person has been killed and about 500 cattle stolen by suspected bandits along the West Pokot-Turkana border. The Sunday incident sparked tension in Ompolion village, and passengers travelling from Kitale to Lodwar had to be escorted by police officers on the Lous-Kainuk stretch. West Pokot and T...
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War, violence, persecution push displacement to new unprecedented high
UNHCR, 19 Jun 2017
War, violence and persecution worldwide are causing more people than ever to be forcibly displaced, according to a report published today by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. UNHCR’s new Global Trends report, the organization’s major annual survey of the state of displacement, says that at the end ...
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Installation of 13km water pipeline from Kakuma to Kalobeyei
UNHCR , 20 Feb 2017
The installation of a 13 km water pipeline from Kakuma to Kalobeyei settlement will ensure that over 22,000 refugees and Kalobeyei host community have access to clean water and stimulate economic growth and self-reliance for refugees through agriculture. 3 boreholes with a combined output of 114,000...
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The British Football Premier League comes to Kakuma
UNHCR, 07 Apr 2016
Premier Skills, a joint football program by the English Premier League and the British Council was in Kakuma from 21 to 23 March. The mission led by the Director of the British Council Kenya office met sports coaches from refugee and host community and conducted training sessions with them. They als...
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