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Cumulative Syrian Asylum Applications
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EUROPE: Syrian Asylum Applications

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First time applications for asylum in European countries by Syrians are summarised below. Note that the majority of those who have fled the conflict are hosted in Syria’s neighbouring countries.

In November 2016, the Asylum statistics for Serbia have been updated to show just those applicants that lodged their application. Previously, the only information available was refugees and migrants “intention to seek asylum”, which was significantly higher.

Total Asylum Applications

0 Syrian Asylum Applications between and
0 in 2014 only
Note: Data for 38 European countries which provided monthly data to UNHCR

Top Countries

Germany & Sweden
Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium
All others

Evolution of Asylum Applications

   Cumulative Syrian Asylum Applications
   New Syrian Asylum Applications by Month
Note: In Turkey, 2,764,500 Syrian refugees have been registered by the authorities (as of 3 November 2016).

   Latest Documents


UNHCR convenes the High-level meeting on global responsibility sharing for admission of Syrian refugees (Geneva, 30 March 2016)
24 Feb 2016
EU and Turkey to hold a special migration summit in March.
19 Feb 2016
New High Commissioner Grandi calls for more solidarity on refugees in Europe.
18 Feb 2016

  Syria Refugee Crisis in the Media

Austrian couple make Syrian guest part of the family
UNHCR, 01 Sep 2016
BAD SCHALLERBACH, Austria – When they go shopping in the small Austrian town of Bad Schallerbach, Martina Schamberger introduces Nawras Ahmadook as her son. The arguments they have in the grocery store are typical of those between a parent and child. Nawras heads straight for the junk food, and M...
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Architect helps Syrian trio build new lives in Sweden
UNHCR, 01 Sep 2016
MALMÖ, Sweden – Architect Lars Asklund, who is affectionetly known as Jim, was deeply moved by the images on television of thousands of people arriving in Sweden in 2015. He wanted to help, but did not know how. First, he went to the migration authorities in Malmö and told them he had two empty...
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Jewish family open their Berlin home to Muslim refugee
UNHCR, 01 Sep 2016
BERLIN, Germany – Every Friday evening, the Jellinek family gather for a Shabbat dinner at their home in central Berlin. Chaim, his wife Kyra and three of their four children sit around a candlelit table to recite blessings over wine and good food. This year, their weekly tradition has included a...
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Berlin couple go from hosts to surrogate parents
UNHCR, 01 Sep 2016
BERLIN, Germany – Manuela and Jörg Buisset knew they had to help when they saw hundreds of thousands of refugees arriving in their hometown of Berlin during summer 2015. Images in the news showed long queues of people, many living on the streets without shelter. The Buissets had just finished re...
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Quiet librarian and outspoken Syrian artist form unlikely bond
UNHCR, 01 Sep 2016
MALMÖ, Sweden – Alqumit Alhamad is Syrian, Muslim and gay. He arrived in Sweden on a snowy day last February with a small backpack containing a change of clothes, some art supplies and CDs of Lady Gaga, Björk and Barbra Streisand. “Guards across Europe always looked at me weird when they sear...
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