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Cumulative Syrian Asylum Applications
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EUROPE: Syrian Asylum Applications

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The number of Syrians arriving in Europe seeking international protection continues to increase. However, it remains low compared to Syria`s neighboring countries, with slightly more than 10% of those who have fled the conflict seeking safety in Europe.

Total Asylum Applications

0 Syrian Asylum Applications between and
0 in 2014 only
Note: Data for 38 European countries which provided monthly data to UNHCR

Top Countries

Germany & Serbia (and Kosovo: S/RES/1244(1999))
Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark
All others

Evolution of Asylum Applications

   Cumulative Syrian Asylum Applications
   New Syrian Asylum Applications by Month
Note: In Turkey, 1,938,999 Syrian refugees have been registered by the authorities (as of 25 August 2015).

   Latest Documents


UNHCR convenes the High-level meeting on global responsibility sharing for admission of Syrian refugees (Geneva, 30 March 2016)
24 Feb 2016
EU and Turkey to hold a special migration summit in March.
19 Feb 2016
New High Commissioner Grandi calls for more solidarity on refugees in Europe.
18 Feb 2016

  Syria Refugee Crisis in the Media

Relocation and Resettlement: EU Member States urgently need to deliver
European Commission, 12 Apr 2016
Strasbourg, 12 April 2016 Relocation and Resettlement: EU Member States urgently need to deliver Today, the Commission gives an update on the progress made up until 11 April 2016 and assesses the actions undertaken by Member States to implement the emergency relocation and European resettlemen...
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Geneva conference on Syrian refugees ends with new pledges of places, recognition of challenges ahead
UNHCR, 30 Mar 2016
An international meeting in Geneva on the plight of Syrian refugees concluded today with new offers of resettlement places and other forms of humanitarian admission places by States, but also highlighting the challenges over the next three years in narrowing the gap between the number of places coun...
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European Council Conclusions on migration
European Council, 18 Feb 2016
II. MIGRATION 4. In response to the migration crisis facing the EU, the objective must be to rapidly stem the flows, protect our external borders, reduce illegal migration and safeguard the integrity of the Schengen area. As part of this comprehensive approach, the European Council assessed, on t...
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Grandi meets with Syrian refugees at Berlin centre
UNHCR, 18 Feb 2016
BERLIN, Germany, Feb 18 (UNHCR) – The International Congress Center (ICC) in Berlin – a stout and futuristic landmark building – was formally the venue for large trade fairs. It now serves as the temporary home of almost 600 asylum seekers mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. On his fir...
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Co-hosts declaration from the Supporting Syria & the Region Conference, London 2016
Supporting Syria and the region -London 2016, 04 Feb 2016
Thursday 4 February 2016 1. The leaders of Germany, Kuwait, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United Nations have today hosted the “Supporting Syria & the Region 2016” Conference in London, bringing together over 60 countries, international organisations, business, civil society, Syrians and...
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