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Inter-agency Information Sharing Portal

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35,200 Individuals
Total Persons of Concern
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Total Persons of Concern


Last Updated 30 Apr 2016

Source - UNHCR

Registered Syrian Refugees




Last Updated 30 Apr 2016

Source - UNHCR

Male (51%) Age (49%) Female
5.5% 0 - 4 5.2%
10.2% 5 - 11 9.6%
6.3% 12 - 17 5.9%
26.7% 18 - 59 26.1%
2.3% 60 + 2.2%

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On 11 & 12 May, UNHCR in cooperation with The National Center for Judicial Studies conducted a two days’ workshop in Alexandria for 23 Egyptian judges and prosecutors from different governorates about International Protection of Refugees: Current Protection Gaps and Challenges. The purpose of this workshop is to identify gaps and challenges that face UNHCR and the government to find ways to overcome them in order to improve the assistance offered to refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt.
11 May 2016
UNHCR, in collaboration with the Arab Women Organization, the League of Arab States and UN Women, are convening a conference in Cairo from today, 3rd May to 5th of May, on Refugee Women's Protection: "Current Responses and Future Prospects" in the Arab region.
09 May 2016
UNHCR supplied 2 Mammogram equipment to MOH public hospitals in Alexandria according to the MOU between the MOH and UNHCR. Undersecretary of MOH in Alexandria Dr. Magdy Hegazy announced that the training of doctors and technicians at the hospital will begin in a few days in order could start receiving women who wish to perform an early breast cancer detection examination.
31 Mar 2016
The Syrian community schools in Egypt celebrated the Arab Teacher’s Day at the Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) Opera House. The event was organized by Syria El Ghad educational committee. Many of the organizations working with Syrian refugees in Egypt attended the celebration, including UNHCR, Stars St. Andrews, PSTIC, among others. Syrian children from different community schools across Egypt showcased a variety of theatrical and singing performances.
31 Mar 2016
For the second year in a row, UNHCR, Alexandria Regional Centre For Women's Health and Development and Caritas Alexandria Egypt jointly organized a bazaar for 30 groups of refugee and Egyptian women. This initiative is a part of finding new ways to assist and empower women to earn their livelihoods. The bazaar was also a good opportunity to raise awareness about the refugee situation in Egypt.
31 Mar 2016

  Funding Requirements (2016)

Total Appeal $146,578,016
Received to Date $14,617,567
Gap $131,960,449
Coverage 10%
Last Updated 02 May 2016