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Inter-agency Information Sharing Portal

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35,200 Individuals
Total Persons of Concern
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Total Persons of Concern


Last Updated 31 Jan 2018

Source - UNHCR

Registered Syrian Refugees




Last Updated 31 Jan 2018

Source - UNHCR

Male (51.6%) Age (48.4%) Female
5.5% 0 - 4 5.1%
9.7% 5 - 11 9.4%
6.5% 12 - 17 5.8%
27.4% 18 - 59 25.6%
2.5% 60 + 2.4%

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  Funding Requirements (2017)

Total Appeal $129,664,428
Received to Date $47,726,592
Gap $81,937,836
Coverage 37%
Last Updated 05 Dec 2017


UNHCR, in collaboration with the League of Arab States and Arab Interior Ministers Council organized a three-day capacity building training on 13-15 December for officials at the directorates’ level, whose work entails the review, follow-up and application of laws and policies relating to statelessness and nationality issues. The training was part of the Regional Capacity Building sessions, undertaken jointly by UNHCR and the League of Arab States
20 Dec 2017
Eighteen students, in their third and fourth grades, at the Alexandria International Academy - AIA had the opportunity to learn about refugees and their situation in Egypt through a school initiative. The nine and ten-year olds attended a two-hour presentation by UNHCR on 4 December, where they discussed different topics relating to refugees. This included looking at who is a refugee, reasons refugees flee their countries of origin, what UNHCR and its partners provide in terms of services and assistance, and means of assisting refugees in Egypt.
13 Dec 2017
UNHCR participated in the First International Youth Culture Conference under the theme “Bridging Differences through Sports & Media” from 27 to 29 November 2017. The conference aims at promoting, sustaining, and understanding dialogue between different cultures through appreciation of diversity. The conference brings together sports teams of refugees, host community, and journalists from around the world to promote peaceful coexistence.
06 Dec 2017
A UNHCR football team has been competing in the Fourth Alexandria International Football Tournament, in which refugees and UNHCR staff played together against Alexandria Sporting Club, Egypt Media and Journalists, and Ukraine teams. It provided the team with the opportunity to engage in in a sporting spirit in informal discussions, with local and international media networks, and opened the door for a better understanding of the refugees' situation and conditions in the host country.
06 Dec 2017
In commemoration of the #16DaysofActivism Campaign, a six-kilometer-long Marathon will be held on 8 December to raise awareness about Gender-Based Violence. UNHCR’s fourth marathon in Alexandria aims to engage different communities through sport to highlight important issues that touch their lives. This year's theme “Leave No One Behind” - promoting inclusion of all - perfectly fits with the sporting essence of this event: it will include the host community, refugees and asylum seekers living in Alexandria of different nationalities and ages. The event is in collaboration with local running sports group Alex Marathon
06 Dec 2017