Germany donates 500,000 euros for Healthcare of Syrians in Lebanon

On August 23, UNHCR welcomed a 500,000 euro donation by the German government to help meet the health needs of displaced Syrians in Lebanon. This brings the total contribution of the Government of Germany to UNHCR’s efforts for Syrian refugees in Lebanon to one million euros.

The donation will help cover crucial gaps in the treatment of critical health conditions and allow more Syrian refugees to access UNHCR’s network of referral hospitals in Lebanon. The donation will also help cover hospitalization costs including baby deliveries such as C-section for Syrian mothers.

“This is a most welcome and much needed contribution as medical care is essential yet costly, said Ninette Kelley, UNHCR Representative. ‘Now many Syrian refugees will have access to treatment, including life-saving care that would have previously been very difficult if not impossible to secure’.

The on-going violence and unrest which erupted in the Syrian Arab Republic in March 2011 has caused an unprecedented number of civilians to flee to neighbouring countries including Lebanon. Ensuring access to healthcare for the Syrian refugee population –many of which have been in Lebanon for many months now– is a critical concern.

There are currently more than 59,000 displaced Syrians who have been or sought to be registered with UNHCR in Lebanon. UNHCR, IMC, along with other specialized partners have been covering the costs of primary health care services to displaced families –mostly women and children- through local clinics, and covering up to 85% of hospitalization costs for all displaced communities.