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Iraqi Salvation Humanitarian Organization (ISHO Iraq)
About ISHO is an Iraqi registered NGO based in Iraq, that was established since 2003. It is aim to respond to the poor and suffering communities and organizations of a recovery Iraq. The work of ISHO is the delivery of humanitarian services to the people of Iraq. In addition to this aim, ISHO also actively seeks to enhance its services delivery by the development of its personnel and volunteers through training and personal growth. ISHO also aim to ensure sustainability of all its project implementation through coordination and cooperation with the authorities charged with care of potential beneficiaries. Among a number of objectives, ISHO continue to be a committed to finding funding from within and without Iraq in order to fulfill its humanitarian objectives.
Full Name Muntajab Ibraheem Al Ruwaih
Phone Number 00964 7801018111

Report Date: 30/03/2017
The contents of Iinformation Kit No. 16: 1. Overall map Stats and Locations, 1 2. Foreword, 2 3. Persons of Concern: Syrian Refugees UNHCR Registration Trends in Iraq (97% in KR-I), 4 Funding Status, 5 4. 3RP Inter-sector/agency response interventions 3RP 2016 sectors, leading agencies and objectives, 6 3RP 2016 Response Summary, 7-8 Sectors’ Dashboards, 9-16 3RP 2017 on-line reporting by all agencies: Information Management as coordination support, 17 5. Non-camps (urban areas) and specific themes Profiling urban areas: Joint planning Government and UN agencies, 18-20 Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance, 21-22 CwC (Communication with communities), 23 Quick Impact projects, 24 6. Governorates overview: Who is doing What and Where (3Ws) and Camp Profiles Erbil: 4 camp profiles, 27-35 Duhok: 4 camps, 37-45 Sulaymaniyah: 1 camp, 46-48 5. List of agencies and contributions, 49 Cover paining by Ako Goran: Of art and resilience.
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