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Refuge Egypt
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Refuge Egypt (Refuge Egypt)
About Refuge-Egypt serves people from Sudan and other African countries, living in Egypt, who have fled their original country of nationality due to war or disaster, and who have well founded fears of return due to persecution or loss of rights. It seeks to provide humanitarian assistance, spiritual guidance and encouragement to help build self-sufficiency and self-respect in preparation for repatriation, resettlement or integration into Egyptian society.

Refuge-Egypt provides antenatal, maternal, neonatal healthcare to refugees including Syrians. It provides Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS treatment as part of the same program.
Full Name Dr. Eman kamal
Phone Number +2010017498260
Address All Saints Cathedral; 5 Micheal Lutfalla; Zamlek; Cairo; Egypt
Egypt, Egypt, Egypt
Reproductive Health
Egypt, Egypt, Egypt