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Arab Women Organization (AWO)
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Arab Women Organization of Jordan (AWO)
About The Arab Women Organization of Jordan (AWO) is a non-profit advocacy woman NGO established in 1970.

AWO advocates for the recognition of women's rights as human rights and for the promotion of legal and political reforms that catalyze positive change.

AWO builds partnerships to create solidarity among women and aggregate their efforts in the struggle to end discrimination and violence against women. Through Mosawa Network; a national network for empowering women at the community level, AWO initiates structures and systematic dialogue to promote women’s rights and the provision of services to the poor, vulnerable and the marginalized.

The long standing and on-going AWO programmes and initiatives target the sectors of gender equality, human rights & democracy.

Innovative approaches are applied to involve women in claiming their rights and to increase their participation in the development processes & the decision-making at the national and local levels.
Full Name Dana Abu Sham
Phone Number +962795844804