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Report Date: 16/03/2016
QUSHTAPA, KAWERGOSK, DARASHAKRAN AND BASIRMA Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Erbil, KRI – December 2015
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Report Date: 02/11/2015
The contents of this this new edition (iKit13) is updating and expanding the previous editions: 1. Persons of Concern: Syrian Refugees Stats and Locations p.1 UNHCR Registration Trends in Iraq (97% in KR-I) p.4 2. 3RP Inter-sector/agency response interventions Funding Status p.5 Sectors, agencies and objectives p.6 Response Summary p.7 Sectors Dashboards p.8-16 Reporting & Coordination Support p.17 3. Specific themes Communicating with communities p.18 Winterization plan 2015-16 p.19-20 Cash Assistance p.21-22 4. Governorates overview: Who is doing What and Where (3Ws) and Camp Profiles Erbil p.25-33 Duhok p.33-43 Sulaymaniyah p.44-46 Anbar p.47-49 5. List of agencies and contributions p.50 Cover painting: Of Art and Resilience by Ako Goran: Like a puzzle, building houses from bits and pieces of here and there, despite tempests. For higher resolution version (for printing):
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Report Date: 04/12/2014
Situation of people with disabilities in 4 camps in Erbil – Kawergosk, Darashakran, Qushtapa and Basirma
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