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Un Ponte Per
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Un Ponte Per (UPP)
About Un ponte per (UPP) is an Italian NGO for International solidarity established in 1991, at the end of the Gulf War, to support Iraqi people affected by bombings and international embargo. Following the Balkan wars, the second Gulf War, the Lebanon war of 2006, the Arab Spring and the recent degeneration of the Syrian and Iraqi crises, the organisation has extended its activities to Balkans, Middle-East, North Africa and the Mediterranean basin. Today, UPP is registered as International NGO at the governments of Iraq, Kurdistan Regional Government, Jordan, Lebanon and the temporary authorities of North-East Syria and is operating thanks to the financial support of private and public donors.

In Jordan, UPP is operating since 2004 in partnership with local organisations, where it has implemented projects and programs to respond mostly at the Iraqi crisis (2003) and at the current Syrian crisis focusing on several sectors such as Education, Protection, Sexual and Gender-Based violence, Mental health and Psycho-social support.

EDUCATION SECTOR: Since April 2016, UPP operated in the Education sector in Jordan through the provision of remedial education to out-of-school Syrian and Jordanian children to ensure both learning development and social cohesion. Other activities carried on in 2016 included the distribution of 5000 school kits in UPP safe learning spaces in the Irbid governorate, training on Resilience Groups and Psychological First Aid for community mobilizers and educators, a campaign to encourage parents to enrol their children in school and psychosocial support activities for boys and girls.
Moreover, since November 2016, UPP is supporting the rehabilitation and the securing of 2 schools of the Amman and Irbid governorates, with a special focus on disability inclusion and gender equaity. This initiative includes also the training of 20 trainers working at the Ministry of Education and 106 teachers.
Full Name Eleonora Biasi
Phone Number +962 (0) 6 464 0227; Mob: +962 (0) 795 6627 69
Jordan, Jordan, Jordan

Un Ponte Per- Iraq (UPP Iraq)
About Un Ponte Per (UPP) has been working in the emergency sector in the Middle East since 1991.
The long term experience of UPP in the area, gives an opportunity to develop a multiple level intervention covering child rights, information dissemination, community participation, protection and advocacy.
UPP has been working in Iraq since 20 years and is currently implementing a program for assistance to Syrian refugees residing in Domiz Camp, together with its partner PAO, started a new action to allow a free psycho-social support provided to vulnerable Syrian women, children and men through individual and family counseling (including referring to the available psychological and social services available in the camp) Also, the project involves WASH and environment awareness – including provision of hygiene kits, orientation and guidance on available services in the area – including publication and distribution of a booklet containing all needed info and DDM staff training on SPHERE standards in emergency
Full Name Caterina Mecozzi

Report Date: 03/11/2014
This guide provides refugees with vital information on procedures, people's rights and services available in the camp
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Report Date: 03/11/2014
This guide provides refugees with vital information on procedures, people's rights and services available in the camp (ARABIC)
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