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World Food Programme
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World Food Programme - Regional Office (WFP)
About WFP in the Region: As the protracted conflict in Syria intensifies, citizens continue to flee to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. Syrians are arriving in these countries with few assets, limited livelihood opportunities and little cash; families are becoming increasingly dependent on humanitarian assistance. Joint needs assessments of displaced Syrians in these neighbouring countries showed that food is a top priority. To respond to these urgent food needs, WFP launched a Regional Refugee Emergency Operation that provides food assistance as part of a broader framework of support to refugees under the leadership of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). WFP supports strong partnerships with Governments, United Nations organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), and is aligned with the United Nations Syria Regional Response Plan/s. WFPs Regional Emergency Operation to cover the food needs of refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries was launched in July 2012 (and February 2013 in Egypt). To date, WFP has assisted almost 1.2 million refugees, nearly 90 percent of whom were assisted through a food voucher programme. WFP plans to reach 2.6 million refugees by the end of 2013.

For more information on WFP's Syrian refugee response, please see:
Full Name Muhannad Hadi
Phone Number +962 6515 4009-7101
Address Amman, Jordan


World Food Programme - Egypt (WFP Egypt)
About Since 1963, WFP has provided US$681 million worth of assistance to Egypt, in an effort to improve food and nutritional security and access to socio-economic opportunities amongst the most vulnerable segments of Egyptians.
As of December 2012, there were 10,106 Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR and the Government of Egypt has officially requested WFP to provide food assistance to these refugees. As part of the Regional Emergency Operation along with Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria, WFP Egypt plans to provide targeted food assistance to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees through value-baased food voucher.
Full Name Abraham Abatneh
Phone Number +20225281730
Address Nile Gardenia Building, Intersection of Roads 108 & 161, Hadaek El Maadi, Cairo - Egypt

Food Security
Egypt, Egypt, Egypt

World Food Programme Iraq (WFP Iraq)
About WFP has been operating a range of food assistance programmes in Iraq since 1991. WFP’s Syrian Refugee Emergency Operation is therefore able to capitalize on its experience assisting vulnerable populations in Iraq.
In line with the interagency Regional Response Plan, WFP is providing food assistance up to 60,000 Syrian nationals in Iraq by December 2012. WFP is providing assistance in northern Iraq through the delivery of family food packages and is currently preparing to launch a voucher programme to beneficiaries in Domiz camp and to those living in local communities.
Full Name Elizabeth Spencer
Address Erbil, Iraq

World Food Programme - Jordan (WFP Jordan)
About The World Food Programme is the food assistance arm of the United Nations system. The core policies and strategies that govern WFP activities are to:
1. Provide lifesaving food assistance (including vouchers) to Syrian refugees in urban/rural areas, camps and transit centers.
2. Provide food assistance and protect livelihoods including self-reliance and food production programmes to most vulnerable Jordanians affected by the Syrian Crisis.
3. Integrate cross-cutting themes such as gender, environment and social protection in food security interventions.
Full Name Jonathan Campbell
Phone Number +962 (79) 9834940
Address 28 Al-Wefaq Street, Al-Jubaiha, Al-Rashid District, P.O. Box 930727 Amman 11193 Jordan

Food Security
Ajloun , Ajlun Governorate, Jordan
Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
Aqabah, Aqaba Governorate, Jordan
Balqa, Balqa Governorate, Jordan
King Abdullah Park Refugee Camp, Irbid Governorate, Jordan
Irbid, Irbid Governorate, Jordan
Cyber City Refugee Camp, Irbid Governorate, Jordan
Jarash , Jarash Governorate, Jordan
Karak , Karak Govenorate, Jordan
Mafraq, Mafraq Governorate, Jordan
Zaatari Refugee Camp, Mafraq Governorate, Jordan
Tafilah , Tafilah Govenorate, Jordan
Zarqa, Zarqa Governorate, Jordan
Azraq Camp, Zarqa Governorate, Jordan

World Food Programme Lebanon (WFP Lebanon)
About The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. In emergencies, we get food assistance to where it is needed, saving the lives of victims of war, civil conflict and natural disasters. After the cause of an emergency has passed, we use food assistance to help communities rebuild their shattered lives. Each year, on average, WFP feeds more than 90 million people in more than 70 countries. WFP is part of the United Nations system and is voluntarily funded.
Full Name Etienne Labande, Emergency Coordinator
Phone Number 00961 1 978775                
Address 7th Floor, WFP Lebanon ESCWA Building, Riad El Solh, Beirut, Lebanon

Report Date: 15/12/2017
The 2017 Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (VASyR) is the fifth annual survey assessing the situation of a representative sample of registered Syrian refugee households to identify situational changes and trends. With over one million registered refugees within its borders, Lebanon hosts the second-largest population of Syrian refugees in the region, and the highest per capita population of refugees in the world. Since the first assessment in 2013, the VASyR has been an essential tool for partnership and for shaping planning decisions and programme design. It is the cornerstone for support and intervention in Lebanon.
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World Food Programme - Turkey (WFP Turkey)
About WFP did not have a programmatic presence in Turkey before the launch of the Regional Refugee Emergency Operation, though it did have a procurement and representation office in Ankara which closed at the end of 2011.
The Government of Turkey is generously providing Syrians with a high standard of support. At the Government of Turkey’s request, WFP is complementing the Government’s assistance through its Electronic Food Voucher Programme targeting 30,000 Syrians by December.
Full Name Jean-Yves Lequime , Emergency Coordinator
Address Ankara, Turkey