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Inter-agency Information Sharing Portal

NFI Working Group - merged into Basic Needs in 2015 - Jordan

The main objective of the NFI Sector is to ensure that the basic household needs of women, girls, boys and men are met in both camp and urban/rural areas. In camps, this will be achieved through the provision of basic household items on arrival; distribution of blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits, and kitchen sets as well as through the regular distribution of consumable items. Less frequent distribution of non-consumable NFIs will take place to replace those worn out over time. In non-camp settings, partners will continue to provide items adjusted to the needs of the target population when cash is not used to meet the needs. In addition, provision of conditional cash or vouchers has been designed to facilitate the purchase of necessary items. Both in camp and non-camp settings, a coordinated monitoring of distributions will be put in place to ensure that the items continue to meet the needs of women, girls, boys and men. The NFI Sector will work with the Protection Sector and the Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse Task Force on developing codes of conduct and strengthening complaints mechanisms and accountability systems, with explicit reference to NFI distribution sites in order to ensure equal and secure access for women, girls, boys and men. The NFI Sector in collaboration with the Shelter and Cash Sector will make a strong effort to mitigate the harsh weather conditions during winter and summer throughout the provision of additional or complementary assistance.

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UNHCR Jordan | United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees


  Key Contacts

Full Name Viola Caracciolo
Partner Information Programme Officer
About Chair of the NFI Working Group-Jordan
Phone Number +962 797284585
Address United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees Hay Ad-Diyyar, Amman, Jordan
Organization United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees

Full Name Roger Dean
Partner Information Cash and Voucher Coordinator
About Co-Chair of the NFI Working Group- Jordan
Phone Number +962 797145237
Skype ID rogerdean1
Organization Norwegian Refugee Council


At the beginning of November, JEN distributed 15.052 pieces of winter clothes to Syrian refugees in Azraq camp.
17 Nov 2014
Oxfam - JEN - ACTED: Joint distribution of soap covering the total number of refugees in Zaatari camp has been taking place since the beginning of March.
05 Mar 2014
During September: 430,622 blankets distributed 147,372 hygiene kits distributed 91,020 jerry cans distributed 263,164 mattresses distributed
17 Oct 2013