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  • 1,496 Burundian refugees were in transit centers while around 1,990 individuals stayed outside due to lack of space. Most of them were women, children and older people.
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    Democratic Republic of the Congo / Burundi - Refugees
  • - 27,793 Burundian refugees relocated from Nyarugusu to Nduta and Mtendeli between 07-Oct-2015 and 30-Apr-2016.
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    Somalia Tanzania (United Republic of) / Burundi - Refugees
  • - 2,443 New Arrivals recorded so far in July 2016, averaging 111 individuals a day.
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    Somalia Tanzania (United Republic of) / Burundi - Refugees
  • *World Refugee Day (20th June) UNHCR and partners will lead the refugee community in Dadaab to commemorate World Refugee Day on 20th June. The global theme for this year is- “One family torn apart by war is too many.” The community has agreed to commemorate this day by conveying to the world, messages of peace through a campaign dubbed “31 Days of Peace Messages” which kicked off on 20th May. The community communication team is conveying these messages in camps as well as to local and international audiences through camp meetings, community radio and social media.
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  • $34.8 million is urgently needed to address critical WASH gaps in White Nile, South Kordofan and East Darfur compounding health and nutrition issues.
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    / South Sudan - Refugees