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  • 70% OF REFUGEE CHILDREN IN AL LAIT LOCALITY IN SOUTH DARFUR OUT OF SCHOOL: Lack of enrolment of South Sudanese refugee children in Haskanita and Andrab schools in Al Lait locality, North Darfur State, remains a concern as close to 70% of the refugee children living in the area are out of school. Out of the more than 10,000 children in school age, only around 3,000 are currently enrolled. Some of the reasons behind the low enrolment rate is the engagement of children in farm work, language barriers, and lack of peaceful coexistence.
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    Sudan Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • 70% of new arrivals to Sudan, 42,311 individuals, have received some form of food or NFI assistance in Khartoum, White Nile, South Kordofan, and West Kordofan.
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  • 71% of all individuals registered so far in White Nile State are children.
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  • 91% of registered households in Al Alagaya, Jouri, Al Kashafa and El Redis (White Nile State) are headed by women.
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  • A 12-member annual donor mission organized by the Division of Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization (DRRM) visited Gambella from 22 -24 October.
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    Ethiopia / South Sudan - Refugees
  • A Oxford University team was in KK from 11-18 April to prepare the ground for a research on refugee/host community economies that will start later in the year.
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    Kenya / South Sudan - Refugees
  • A Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) mission was in Gambella from 16 - 18 October. During the visit, the team witnessed ongoing assistance to refugees at Jewi camp and held meetings with refugees, ARRA, UNHCR and partners.
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    Ethiopia / South Sudan - Refugees
  • A US State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM), and the US Agency for International Development Donor Mission visited Gambella
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    Ethiopia / South Sudan - Refugees
  • A cross-border raid in Gambella region on Friday, 15 April by armed men said to be from the Murle ethnic group in South Sudan left over 200 people dead, 108 children reportedly kidnapped and dozens of people wounded. The Ethiopian government Disaster Prevention and Food Security Agency (DPFSA) said no South Sudanese refugee was affected by the raid, which was unprecedented as it was well-coordinated and happened at various locations at the same time. Over 21,000 people were reportedly displaced by the raid.
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    Ethiopia / South Sudan - Refugees
  • A first batch of newly constructed emergency shelters (192) were handed over to South Sudanese refugees in the new site of Kaka (Haut – Uele Province).
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