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  • Over 760,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled South Sudan in 2016. The South Sudan refugee crisis is now the largest refugee situation on the continent.
    highlight 31 Dec 2016 (6 years ago)
    / South Sudan - Refugees
  • A newly opened settlement in Imvepi, Arua district, began receiving new arrivals from South Sudan on 21 February.
    highlight 21 Feb 2017 (6 years ago)
    Uganda / South Sudan - Refugees
  • La Commission Nationale pour les Refugies (CNR) a organise le premier convoi des la localite frontaliere de Kurukwata vers le site de Meri avec 59 refugies SSD.
    highlight 10 Mar 2017 (6 years ago)
    Democratic Republic of the Congo / South Sudan - Refugees
  • The construction of a 14km pipeline from Tarach seasonal river to Kalobeyei settlement was completed thus allowing water to be pumped from boreholes near Tarach Seasonal River in Kakuma to Kalobeyei. Currently, piping within cluster one of Kalobeyei settlement is ongoing.
    highlight 12 Apr 2017 (6 years ago)
    Kenya / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNHCR and partners are expanding and scaling-up reception services to meet increased demand from the high influx of new arrivals to Sudan.
    highlight 06 Apr 2017 (6 years ago)
    / South Sudan - Refugees
  • The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and livelihood partners will, from 16 – 18 June, hold the World Refuge Day Market Day at Kakuma 3 (opposite the reception centre). The market day themed ‘Bei Nafuu, Bidhaa Bora’ is aimed at unlocking marketing opportunity for refugee and host community entrepreneurs.
    highlight 06 Jun 2017 (6 years ago)
    Kenya / South Sudan - Refugees
  • Over 43,000 South Sudanese refugees arrived in Sudan in May. This brings total new arrivals in 2017 to nearly 152,000.
    highlight 01 Jun 2017 (6 years ago)
    / South Sudan - Refugees
  • Total refugees who have fled to Sudan since the start of the conflict surpassed the 400,000 mark by 15 June. Over 155,000 refugees have arrived in 2017 so far.
    highlight 21 Jun 2017 (5 years ago)
    / South Sudan - Refugees
  • Notable decrease of new arrivals with the onset of the rainy season across many states in Sudan. Influx anticipated to gain momentum again from October.
    highlight 30 Jun 2017 (5 years ago)
    / South Sudan - Refugees
  • Approvals have been granted for the expansion of refugee camps in White Nile state to ease congestion. Camp expansions are scheduled to begin in July.
    highlight 30 Jun 2017 (5 years ago)
    Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees