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  • AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report – Dec. 16, 2014

    news AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report, 16 Dec 2014 (8 years ago )
    Somalia’s ambassador to US arrives Mogadishu 16 Dec – Source: Radio Goobjoog – 96 Words A special plane carrying Somalia ambassador to United states Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmaarke who is expected to be named the new prime minister of federal government landed at Adan Adde international airport on ...
  • Gunmen launch attack on Somalia's government offices

    news Aljazeera: Agencies, 12 Mar 2015 (8 years ago )
    Suspected members of Somalia's al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabab fighters have attacked a fortified area housing regional government headquarters, an airport and a United Nations compound in the central town of Baidoa, security officials said. "They are Shebab disguised in Somali military uniforms. T...
  • Qatar Airways to resume flights to Somalia

    news AMISOM daily media monitoring, 18 Mar 2015 (8 years ago )
    Qatar Airways is set to start direct flights from Doha to Mogadishu in coming weeks to rejuvenate already growing international carrier market in Somalia. Somali PM Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke who has reached Qatari capital Doha on Tuesday will attend the ceremony to welcome Arab world airline gia...
  • Artillery fire kills 26 as battle for Aden rages

    news Al Jazeera and agencies, 31 Mar 2015 (8 years ago )
    Artillery shelling in Aden has killed 26 people, medical officials have said, as Houthi fighters and forces loyal to Yemen President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi battled over control of the southern port city. The deaths on Tuesday came as Saudi-led coalition fighter planes continued raids on Houthi po...
  • Somali refugees urge Kenya not to close Dadaab camp

    news Al Jazeera, 13 Apr 2015 (8 years ago )
    Somalis living in Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp are asking the government to reconsider its decision to close it. The Kenyan government has given the UN three months to move the camp into Somalia. The move comes only days after fighters of al-Shabab, the Somali-based armed group, killed 148 peop...
  • Saudi-led coalition declares end to Yemen air strikes

    news Al Jazeera and agencies, 22 Apr 2015 (8 years ago )
    The Saudi-led coalition that has been bombing Yemen for almost a month says its military operation "Decisive Storm" has ended and a new campaign aimed at protecting civilians and preventing Houthi fighters from operating has begun. Brigadier-General Ahmed al-Asiri, the coalition's spokesperson, s...
  • Mandera Chief Abducted By Suspected Al-Shabaab Gunmen, Leaders Demand KDF’s Return From Somalia

    news AMISOM daily media monitoring, 23 Apr 2015 (8 years ago )
    A Mandera chief was abducted when suspected Al-Shabaab gunmen ambushed a vehicle he was travelling in on Thursday morning. Arabia chief Muktar Maalim commonly known as Muktar Otieno was ordered out of the 14-seater van after it was stopped along Arabia-Mandera Road One of the passengers told the Sta...
  • More than 115 children killed in Yemen war

    news AFP, 24 Apr 2015 (8 years ago )
    At least 115 children have been killed and 172 injured in Yemen since the conflict began last month, according to the UN's agency for the welfare of children. A spokesman from UNICEF said on Friday at least 64 children who had died between March 26 and April 20 had been killed by the strikes.
  • Houthi media: Air strike on Yemen army HQ kills scores

    news Al Jazeera And Reuters, 08 Jun 2015 (7 years ago )
    At least 44 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in an air strike at the Yemeni army headquarters in the capital Sanaa, according to the Houthi-run Saba news agency. Earlier on Sunday, army officials said that four explosions shook the compound in central Sanaa, where soldiers allied...
  • At least 43 killed in Yemen clashes as parties prepare for talks

    news Reuters/Stringer, 10 Jun 2015 (7 years ago )
    At least 43 people were killed in heavy fighting in Yemen overnight and on Wednesday between supporters of exiled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the country's dominant Houthi group, residents, tribal and medical sources said. The clashes erupted ahead of U.N.-sponsored talks in Geneva next ...