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  • Progress on the Opening of the Community Technology Access Centre in Kakuma

    news UNHCR SO Kakuma, 17 Aug 2011 (12 years ago )
    On 17 August UNHCR Kakuma hosted a visit by Mr. Allan Torrie, president and CEO of Morneau Shepell, a Canadian human resource consulting company which is emerging as one of Kakuma's primary private donors. Morneau Shepell is currently funding the construction of a Community Technology Access Centre...
  • Flooding Hits Kakuma

    news UNHCR SO Kakuma, 11 Aug 2011 (12 years ago )
    On 11 August Kakuma was inundated with torrential rains which caused flooding in various parts of the camp and surrounding areas. Many refugee shelters were destroyed and dykes and river banks were severely eroded in a number of locations placing refugees and humanitarian workers at risk. A vehicl...
  • Helping the most vulnerable in Dadaab

    news UNHCR, 10 Aug 2011 (12 years ago )
    DADAAB, Kenya, August 10 (UNHCR) – Her right leg is twisted outward at a 45-degree angle just below the kneecap. And when Bishara Hassan Hussein steps forward with her baby wrapped against her body, it seems as though she has a branch sticking out from her body. The leg throbs with a constant pain, ...