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  • UNHCR survey finds refugees from Ukraine hope to go home

    news UNHCR, 13 Jul 2022 (2 years ago )
    The majority of refugees from Ukraine hope to return home as soon as possible but around two-thirds expect to stay in their current host countries until hostilities subside and the security situation improves, according to new findings published today by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.
  • Polish Government adopt an amendment to the law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine – press conference

    news Ministry of Interior, 23 Jun 2022 (2 years ago )
    On 23 June 2022, Deputy Minister and government plenipotentiary for aid to Ukrainian refugees Szefernaker and newly appointed Minister-Member of the Council of Ministers Scigaj held a press conference on assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
  • UNHCR updates Ukraine refugee data, reflecting recent movements

    news UNHCR, 09 Jun 2022 (2 years ago )
    GENEVA — UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has updated its data portal on the Ukraine Refugee Situation, adding new data which better reflects recent movements of refugees from and to Ukraine.
  • Humanitarian actors in Poland seek US$ 740.6 million to support refugees from Ukraine

    news UNHCR, 31 May 2022 (2 years ago )
    The United Nations and humanitarian partners in Poland, together with the Government of Poland, officially launched today the national chapter of the Inter-Agency Refugee Response Plan (RRP) for the Ukraine Situation, which brings together 87 partners. A total of US$740.6 million will be needed to c...
  • Organizacje humanitarne w Polsce zabiegają o 740,6 mln USD na wsparcie uchodźców z Ukrainy

    news UNHCR, 31 May 2022 (2 years ago )
    Organizacja Narodów Zjednoczonych i partnerzy humanitarni w Polsce wraz z Rządem RP oficjalnie zainaugurowali polski wątek Regionalnego Planu Działań (RPP) w odpowiedzi na kryzys uchodźczy związany z sytuacją na Ukrainie. Plan skupia 87 partnerów. Na pokrycie najpilniejszych potrzeb uchodźców z Ukra...
  • UNHCR expands operations in Poland to reach refugees from Ukraine amid rising vulnerabilities

    news UNHCR, 27 May 2022 (2 years ago )
    UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, continues to scale up its operations in Poland to provide aid to refugees from Ukraine who have settled across the country. Poland remains the main country of arrival for refugees from Ukraine, with more than 3.5 million having entered the country since the start of the...
  • UNHCR and partners call for urgent support for refugees from Ukraine and their hosts

    news UNHCR, 26 Apr 2022 (2 years ago )
    In response to the growing Ukrainian refugee crisis, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and humanitarian partners are appealing for increased financial support to help refugees and the neighbouring countries generously hosting them.
  • Cash offers a lifeline to refugees from Ukraine arriving in Poland

    news UNHCR, 01 Apr 2022 (2 years ago )
    Cash assistance is allowing refugees from Ukraine to make their own decisions about what they need most after arriving in Poland and other countries in the region. Poland has provided refuge to more than 2.3 million people fleeing Ukraine in just over a month, and more are arriving every day. Whi...
  • Free support in matching carriers with NGOs

    news, 28 Mar 2022 (2 years ago )
    Truckers Life Foundation offers free support in matching carriers with NGOs. Truckers Life Foundation connects humanitarian organizations with drivers willing to help. NGOs can apply through the form:
  • NGO

    news, 27 Mar 2022 (2 years ago )
    We are happy to get in touch with any organisation who is facing challenges with 1) their warehouse/intenvory management of donations; 2) running Freeshops. Boxtribute is an open source software which helps with both. (in Polish or English), or ...