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  • Civilians die after last aid agency evacuates Central African Republic town

    news Thomson Reuters Foundation, 22 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    DAKAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Four patients have died and thousands are stranded without healthcare in an embattled Central African Republic town, after an attack forced the last charity working there to pull out.
  • U.N. asks Brazil for peacekeepers for Central African Republic

    news Reuters, 28 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    BRASILIA (Reuters) - The United Nations has asked Brazil to send troops to join its peace mission in the Central African Republic, said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the U.N.’s head of peacekeeping operations, in an interview on Monday.
  • The Refugee Situation in the Sahel: An Unprecedented Crisis

    news World Bank, 29 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    STORY HIGHLIGHTS The Sahel region is grappling with unprecedented levels of forced displacement, the scale and complexity of which often leave host countries vulnerable. IDA18, the most recent International Development Association window, proposes a new, comprehensive, development-oriented appro...
  • Statement by Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees on the Paris meeting of 28 August

    news, 28 Aug 2017 (il y a 5 ans )
    “UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, welcomes commitments made today at the Paris meeting on migration and asylum.
  • Karen Health Groups to Assist Japanese Encephalitis Inoculation Drive

    news Karen News, 17 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    The Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW) is prepared to assist the Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) in a nationwide drive to vaccinate children against Japanese encephalitis, and even lead efforts in areas controlled by armed ethnic organizations. The ministry’s nationwide Japanese e...
  • Preparations underway to ensure consistent power supply this summer

    news Myanmar Times, 17 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    More electricity will be generated by new power plants while other plans are underway to reduce power blackouts in Yangon and Mandalay during the coming summer months between March and May, according to Yangon Region Electricity, Industry and Transport minister Daw Nilar Kyaw. An additional 439 m...
  • UNFC Set to Meet Govt for 9th Round of Peace Talks in Yangon

    news The Irrawaddy, 15 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    CHIANG MAI, Thailand — The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), representing an alliance of five armed ethnic groups, and the government will meet for a ninth round of talks to pave the way for the bloc to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), in Yangon’s National Reconciliation and...
  • ဆူညါခီတၢ်ကူၣ်ဘၣ်ကူၣ်သ့အတ၀ၢ

    news The Global New Light of Myanmar, 15 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    ကီၢ်ပယီၤမၤတၢ်ဆီတလဲအဒိၣ်အမုၢ် လၢတၢ်ကူၣ်ဘၣ်ကူၣ်သ့တ၀ၢတပၤ တုၤလၢအလူၤထီၣ်ထံဂုၤကီၢ်ဂၤပတီၢ်ချုးတစုလီၤ. ထံ ကီၢ်တၢ်ကူၣ်ဘၣ်ကူၣ်သ့အဖီလ်စံၣ်, တၢ်နီၤဟ့ၣ်လီၤစ့လၢတၢ်ကူၣ်ဘၣ်ကူၣ်သ့တ၀ၢအဂီၢ်, တၢ်မၤဂ့ၤထီၣ် မၤဆူၣ်ထီၣ်ပှၤကညီဂံၢ် ထံးအကံၢ်အစီ, တၢ်မၤဂ့ၤထီၣ်ကၠိတၢ်သိၣ်လိအလံာ် ဒီးတၢ်ဒ်န့ၣ်အသိးတဖၣ်, ဒုးဆူၣ်ထီၣ်ကမျၢၢ်အတၢ်သးသဟီၣ်...
  • ကီၢ်စံၣ်ကဖိကပှ့ၤရီဘၢၢ် ၅၀,၀၀၀ တၣ်လၢမိၣ်ကီၢ်စဲၣ်

    news Mon News Agency, 15 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    ရီဘၢၢ်တၢ်မၤကဟဲက့ၤသံသိထီၣ်ကဒါက့ၤဖဲမိၣ်ကီၢ်စဲၣ် ဖဲကီၢ်စံၣ်ကဖိဆဲးစုမုၢ်ကျၢၢ်လၢကပှ့ၤရီဘၢၢ် ၅၀,၀၀၀ တၣ်ဖဲ မုၢ်ယူာ်နံၤ အလီၢ်ခံလီၤ. တၢ်ဒုးထံၣ်ဘၣ်ဂီၢ်ပှၤဆါတၢ်ပှၤပှ့ၤတၢ် ဒီးတၢ်ဒုးနဲၣ်ဘၣ်ဃးရီဘၢၢ်တၢ်မၤ ဘၣ်ထွဲဟီၣ်က၀ီၤပှၤသူၣ်ရီဘၢၢ် ဒီးပှၤထုးထီၣ်ရီဘၢၢ်တ ဖၣ်, တၢ်မၤအီၤဖဲ၀့ၢ်မီၣ်လ်မၠဲၣ်, မိၣ်ကီၢ်စဲၣ်၀့ၢ်ခိၣ် ဖဲလါ...
  • တၢ်ကတ့ထီၣ် တၢ်မၤဂ့ၤထီၣ်ပှၤသူကသံၣ်မူၤဘှိး၀ဲၤလီၢ် လၢကညီကီၢ်စဲၣ်

    news Myanmar Times, 17 Nov 2017 (il y a 4 ans )
    ပှၤဂ့ၢ်၀ီတၢ်ဆီၣ်ထွဲမၤစၢၤဒီး တၢ်ဆီလီၤပာ်လီၤကိတိာ် ကတ့ထီၣ်တၢ်မၤဂ့ၤထီၣ်ပှၤစွဲကသံၣ်မူၤဘှီး၀ဲၤလီၢ်တဖျၢၣ်လၢ ဖၣ်အၣ် ကီၢ်ဆၣ် ကညီကီၢ်စဲၣ်, ဒီးဃ့ထီၣ်၀ဲစ့ဘးကၠဲးဆူကီၢ်စၢဖှိၣ်ပဒိၣ်အိၣ်, အဂ့ၢ် ကိတိာ်ပှၤကတိၤတၢ်ပၢတဂၤစံး၀ဲဖဲ မုၢ်ဆၣ်အနံၤလီၤ. "တၢ်မၤဂ့ၤထီၣ်ပှၤစွဲကသံၣ်မူၤဘှီး၀ဲၤလီၢ် တအိၣ်ဒံးနီတဖျၢၣ်လၢကညီကီၢ်စဲၣ်အပူၤ...