Costa Rica - Field Office Upala - April 2023

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Costa Rica - Field Office Upala - April 2023

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The North of Costa Rica borders Nicaragua across 309 kilometers. There are two official border points: Peñas Blancas to the West, and Tablillas to the East. UNHCR has identified over 20 irregular entry points both in maritime and terrestrial areas. Asylum-seekers and refugees live in approximately 150 communities along the border. Since 2018, UNHCR consolidated its presence on the northern border of Costa Rica with a field office in Upala. Currently, the Field Office of Upala and implementing partners have presence in five border cantons: Upala, La Cruz, Los Chiles, Guatuso and San Carlos.


  • RET, Protecting through Education
  • World Vision
  • Hias
  • Fundacion Mujer
  • Jesuit Migration Service


  •  Protection


  • Costa Rica
  • Central America

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