Costa Rica - South Border - April 2023

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Costa Rica - South Border - April 2023

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The Costa Rica–Panama border is 348 km long and there are only four border posts on the Costa Rica side in Sixaola, Sabalito, Golfito and Paso Canoas as the main one. Due to its length, the southern border is very difficult to monitor in its entirety. In 2021, UNHCR Costa Rica resumed border monitoring activities, primarily in Paso Canoas. In 2022, UNHCR supported the government in hiring an Eligibility Officer due to the increase in the number of asylum-seekers at the Southern Border. Considering the situation, a Protection Associate was posted in May 2022 in Paso Canoas to guarantee the effective protection of asylum-seekers, refugees, at risk of statelessness and stateless persons who enter or reside on the Southern Border.


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