Mapping of women’s organisations in Lebanon

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Mapping of women’s organisations in Lebanon

نوع الوثيقة: 3W , Who What Where
اللغة: English
Women’s rights and women-led organizations (WROs and WLOs) play a crucial role in responding to crises, especially for women and girls who are disproportionately affected. Despite their vital role, these organizations are often under-resourced, and their priorities and concerns are not often prioritized in key decision-making spaces. Building on the recognition of the unique role played by WROs and WLOs, this report was developed under the framework of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP), which has prioritized engagement with these organizations across all its sectors. The report was jointly developed with a mapping of WROs and WLOs in humanitarian action and stabilization efforts in Lebanon. It presents the landscape of WROs and WLOs mapped and delves into their challenges, support needs, and priorities. Most importantly, the report offers guidance and recommendations for national and international partners on how best to engage and support WROs and WLOs to ensure contextualized, relevant, and accountabl


  •  Child Protection


  • Lebanon
  • North Lebanon
  • Beirut
  • South Lebanon
  • Bekaa
  • Mount Lebanon
التنزيل  (XLSX, 30.08 KB)