"Surviving As We Can” - Safety Assessment Summary Report

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"Surviving As We Can” - Safety Assessment Summary Report

نوع الوثيقة: Reports
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This 2023 report draws on a collaboration of UNHCR, the Budapest Municipality, Dorcas, IOM, Menedék, MEOSZ, Romaversitas, Terre des Hommes, Budapest Pride, The Interagency PSEA Task Force, The European Disability Forum, Strázsa Tanya, Voice, UNICEF and Unity. It examines risks of Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Relating to Private and Collective Accommodation, Livelihoods, and Service Accessibility for Persons Fleeing Ukraine in Hungary. Specific sector recommendations presented in the report, validated and refined with input from the various stakeholders, represent tangible steps that can be taken across sectors to mitigate risks and address identified challenges relating to GBV and PSEA.


  •  Protection
  •  Gender Based Violence


  • Hungary

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Ukraine - Refugees
التنزيل  (PDF, 394.13 KB)