UNHCR - Somalia, Fact Sheet, 1-31 December 2017

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UNHCR - Somalia, Fact Sheet, 1-31 December 2017

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Operating environment was marked with small-scale attacks, political tensions between the State of Puntland and ‘Somaliland’ and forced evictions. Drought, insecurity and conflicts, remain key drivers of displacement and lack of comprehensive land tenure framework remains one of the key drivers for forced evictions. According to monitoring agencies drought will continue in 2018 and can lead to further increased vulnerability of persons of concern.


  •  Health
  •  Protection
  •  Community Services
  •  Education
  •  Cash Assistance
  •  Camp Coordination Camp Management (CCCM)
  •  Shelter / Other Infrastructure


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التنزيل  (PDF, 663.15 KB)