CCCM Dashboard - Jun 2020

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CCCM Dashboard - Jun 2020

نوع الوثيقة: Dashboards & Factsheets
اللغة: English
CCCM partners have either completed or have ongoing risk communication activities (awareness raising on COVID-19) in 881 IDP sites out of 2,344 IDP sites nationally, covering 1,033,403 persons (40% out of total 2.6 million). Partners closely worked with Camp Management Committees to conduct specifically designed sessions for vulnerable groups such as (marginalized communities, elderly persons/people with underlying medical conditions). Partners collaborated with local and international radio broadcasts to make sure that COVID-19 messages would reach IDP communities in Baidoa and Hargeisa.


  • International Organization for Migration
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


  •  Camp Coordination Camp Management (CCCM)


  • Somalia

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Somalia Somalia - IDPs, Somalia - Refugees
التنزيل  (PDF, 282.88 KB)