FAO - Agroecological and other innovative approaches - 2021

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FAO - Agroecological and other innovative approaches - 2021

نوع الوثيقة: Reports and Policy Papers
اللغة: English
FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SYSTEMS THAT ENHANCE FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for “bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world on to a sustainable and resilient path” while seeking to “realize the human rights of all. Agriculture and food systems are deeply intertwined with economies, cultures, societies, health, food security and nutrition, climate, biodiversity and the environment, and hence both impact and are uniquely placed to contribute to all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The often-inter-related challenges associated with agriculture and food systems require urgent attention. The number of undernourished people in the world has been on the rise since 2015, while roughly one third of food is lost or wasted globally. Meanwhile the levels of overweight, obesity, micronutrient deficiency and diet related non-communicable diseases are troubling. The United Nations General Assembly had expressed concern that


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