Ukraine Situation: Moldova Refugee Border Monitoring Update (14-03-2022)

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Ukraine Situation: Moldova Refugee Border Monitoring Update (14-03-2022)

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Almost three million refugees have fled Ukraine since the escalation of conflict on 24 February 2022. From among them, 337,215 have been displaced to Moldova (UNHCR). The number of people crossing has fluctuated in the days since the escalation, and it can be anticipated that it will vary with the intensity and geography of conflict in the next days or weeks. To understand the drivers of displacement and intentions of refugees, 270 interviews were conducted with people crossing from Ukraine into Moldova. Interviews were conducted at every border checkpoint and certain reception centers, and began on 28 February. This factsheet includes cumulative responses from 28 February to 14 March.


  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


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