CCCM Cluster Somalia - IDP Site Prioritization Matrix 2022 (map)

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CCCM Cluster Somalia - IDP Site Prioritization Matrix 2022 (map)

نوع الوثيقة: Maps and geodata
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1. The site prioritization matrix was first established in July 2021 with the aim of demonstrating IDP sites that have sector-based gaps and aggregated needs utilizing the Detailed Site Assessment results 2. Sector-based needs are measured through measuring critical indicators that have been incorporated within the Detailed Site Assessment with cluster coordinators putting forward core indicators for measuring and scoring thresholds to align with their cluster standards 3. The site prioritization, while focused on identifying high risk sites that should be prioritized with humanitarian responses, also allows for durable solutions agencies to identify sites suited for DS activities. 4. By establishing an evidence base with the fundamental assessment being approved by authorities (DSA), matrix data can minimize interference and clan aligned programming in certain states and districts. 5. In late 2021, donors asked OCHA and other humanitarian clusters to focus more on illustrating IDP sites that should be pr


  • International Organization for Migration
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


  •  Camp Coordination Camp Management (CCCM)


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Somalia - IDPs
التنزيل  (PDF, 307.71 KB)