CCCM Cluster Somalia - Monthly Dashboard - October 2022

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CCCM Cluster Somalia - Monthly Dashboard - October 2022

نوع الوثيقة: Dashboards & Factsheets
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Site Verification Assessments: #5 site verification assessments were conducted in #5 districts (Kahda, Daynile, Jowhar, Bardhere and Beletweyn districts). In Benadir (Khada/Deynille) a total of 2,410 sites were verified hosting, 273,181 HHs (1,347,075 individuals) This represented 1,108 IDP sites in Khada hosting 113,656 HHs (607,938 individuals) and 1,302 IDP sites in Deynille hosting 159,525 HHs (739,137 individuals). In Jowhar, 21 IDP sites were verified hosting 11,000 HHs (76,960 individuals). Bardhere had 35 IDP sites hosting 11,994 HH (71,964 individuals) while in Beletweyne 88 IDP sites were verified, hosting 16,878 HHs (101,421 individuals). A follow up spot check verification of sites in Beletweyne by cluster CCCM partners indicated that 28 of the 88 verified sites are spurious sites (“Bush Bris”) which would require further follow up action to address the spurious sites in Beletweyne.


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  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


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التنزيل  (PDF, 335.68 KB)