Brazil Donates USD 2.48 Million to UNHCR for Fight Against Ebola in West Africa


Brazil Donates USD 2.48 Million to UNHCR for Fight Against Ebola in West Africa

UNHCR LBR, 15 Dec 2014

MONROVIA, 15 DEC 2014—The Government of Brazil has provided more than 2.48 million United States dollars, to UNHCR in support of its regional appeal to respond to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

“Brazil is pleased to support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which has an excellent track record in the protection of refugees, asylum seekers and other people of concern throughout West Africa and the world,” said Ambassador to Liberia André Luiz Azevedo dos Santos. “The refugees who are in this region today were forced to flee their homes under duress and now they have found themselves in communities threatened by Ebola.”

The contribution from Brazil is intended to support control of the Ebola outbreak in the refugee camps, access to basic health care services, and medical services for patients infected by the virus, the ambassador said.

UNHCR Representative in Liberia Khassim Diagne thanked the ambassador on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

“We are sincerely grateful to the Government of Brazil for its generous donation in support of efforts to combat the Ebola epidemic in the refugee camps and communities hosting them,” Diagne said. “We further commend the Government for its continuous support and collaboration, which makes it possible for UNHCR to fulfil its mandate to provide protection and assistance to our persons of concern.”

Approximately 50,000 refugees are living under the protection of UNHCR in Liberia, Guinea and Sierre Leone. The population includes about 40,000 in Liberia, 8,000 in Guinea, and 2,000 in Sierra Leone.