Growing shelter needs in Djibouti


Growing shelter needs in Djibouti

, 19 Aug 2011

In Djibouti, the authorities are working to open a camp to house more than 3,500 Somalis who have arrived so far this year. An existing camp called Ali Addeh is already overcrowded with 17,000 refugees from previous influxes.

The new arrivals are currently encamped at the nearby transit centre, where they receive counselling, medical attention, hot meals and relief items. However, the centre is not equipped to house refugees for more than two weeks.

The ongoing influx of refugees is straining already-limited resources. Water shortage is a big problem. UNHCR is working with UNICEF to truck in water, but the current supply of 10 litres per person per day is only half of what is recommended.

To ease the congestion, the Djibouti government has agreed to open a new camp at an old camp site called Holl-Holl. Much work remains to be done to prepare the site for the new refugees, including digging boreholes for water, building latrines, a health centre and school. We hope the camp can start receiving refugees by mid-September.