Host Community Supported by UNHCR in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia


Host Community Supported by UNHCR in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia

UNHCR Dollo Ado, 20 Dec 2011

Ethiopia's Dollo Ado area received a visit, Mon Dec 19, from the heads of both UNHCR and the government of Ethiopia's refugee agency, ARRA. UNHCR Representative, Moses Okello, joined Ayalew Aweke of ARRA, in meeting with the District Commissioner of Dollo Ado, to discuss issues affecting the District.
They also visited the Dollo Ado Health Centre, where the two visitors participated in the official handover ceremony of a UNHCR-funded ambulance and the opening ceremony for the newly upgraded and developed Health Centre. MSF Holland has partnered with the Health Centre throughout the upgrading process and their staff were on hand to present the new facilities to the guests. As a result of the upgrades, the Health Centre now has a laboratory with technician and can provide surgical services. The Centre serves both the local and refugee communities of Dollo Ado District alike.

Okello and Ayalew also took the opportunity to visit Bur Amino , the fifth and newest camp in the area, which was opened less than three weeks ago. A group of new arrivals was relocated there from the Transit Centre, during their visit, and the two were able to see many of the camp's services and facilities in action, as new arrivals were welcomed into their new homes.