AMISOM Morning Headlines – Dec. 11, 2014


AMISOM Morning Headlines – Dec. 11, 2014

Somali Current/Wararka, 11 Dec 2014

Federal government and AMISOM to resume Anti Al-shabaab Indian Ocean operation

10 Dec – Source: Somali Current/Wararka – 145 Words

Senior security officer, Mohamud Mohamed Qafow said that Somali government forces and AMISOM troops are preparing to resume recently halted military offensives against the Al-shabaab militants. The group has claimed latest killings in Mogadishu. “we are equipped to thwart any attack from them.” Qafow said. Just last week, Al-shabaab has killed former Somali lawmaker named Liban Abdulahi in a drive by shooting in Hamarweyn’s district in Mogadishu. The Al-Qaeda affiliated group still controls tracts of land in southern regions. Indian Ocean Operation has been halted due to political instability within the Somali government institutions.
Key Headlines

Suspected Al-shabaab militias kill women in Tiyeglow (Dalsan Radio)
Interim Juba Administration arrests over 10 Suspects in Kismayo (Radio Goobjoog)
Federal government and AMISOM to resume Indian Ocean operation (Somali Current/Wararka
Human rights day marked in Mogadishu (Radio Bar-kulan)
Sharif Hassan visits victims of Friday’s blast (Radio Mustaqbal)
Kenya-Ethiopia pact targets communities at the border (Standard Media)
Police aren’t the most suited to fight al-Shabaab (Star Kenya)
Kenya eyes tougher security laws after Shabaab killings ( AFP/Daily Mail)
UN urges states to save boat people as record numbers take to seas – TRFN (Reuter)
Somalia crisis: al-Shabab and army ‘kill women’ (BBC)