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  • Reading & Studying - new libraries in Dadaab

    news UNHCR, 09 Aug 2012 (10 years ago )
    Thanks to the US Embassy in Nairobi, UNHCR & AVSI just opened new libraries for the communities in Ifo, Dagahaley and Hagadera. We are still looking for funds for school books, so that children can study after school hours.
  • Announcing the Winners of the Global HackForGood

    news Technology for Good, 20 Jun 2013 (9 years ago )
    There was such overwhelming interest in our Global Hack for Good on World Refugee Day – we could not accommodate all that wanted to participate! So we are announcing the old fashioned way – on Facebook and Twitter! First, the challenge: The number of forcibly displaced people around the worl...
  • Return intention survey for Somali refugees begins in Dadaab

    news UNHCR, 20 Feb 2014 (9 years ago )
    A comprehensive return intention survey for Somali refugees began in Dadaab on 17 February 2014. The objective of the survey is to accurately understand the needs and concerns of Somali refugees in relation to voluntary repatriation. More than 7,000 refugees living in the five camps that make up ...
  • World Refugee Day 2014 - Dadaab

    news UNHCR, 13 Jun 2014 (8 years ago )
    UNHCR and partners will lead the refugee community in Dadaab to commemorate World Refugee Day on 20th June. The global theme for this year is- “One family torn apart by war is too many.” The community has agreed to commemorate this day by conveying to the world, messages of peace through a campaign ...
  • The power of radio helps ease the hardship of Somali refugee granny

    news UNHCR, 13 Jun 2014 (8 years ago )
    In northern Kenya, a community radio station funded by UNHCR is working to help struggling refugees at camps in Dadaab, attracting donations from across the globe and support from the local population. One story in particular, about an older Somali woman called Timiro Idow, has touched hearts eve...
  • Celebration of World Refugee Day

    news ., 20 Jun 2014 (8 years ago )
    On 20th June, World Refugee Day was celebrated in all five Dadaab camps and in Dadaab town. The events in all camps were organised with high involvement of the refugee community. While keeping the global theme of the day ‘1 family torn apart by war is too many’, the refugee community in Dadaab chose...
  • Innovation: Instant Network Schools open up a new world for Somali refugees

    news, 04 Feb 2015 (8 years ago )
    DADAAB, Kenya, February 4 (UNHCR) – Thirty pairs of fascinated eyes watch the big white screen; fingers glide across new tablet computers. A class of students at the Nasib Secondary School in north-east Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp complex, is enjoying a history lesson about the Portuguese in Africa....
  • Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis - treatment in Dadaab Refugee Camps

    news CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 23 Mar 2015 (8 years ago )
    UNHCR has a Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB) Center in Ifo Camp. This article links TB to the conflict in Somalia. "A drug resistance survey conducted in 2011 in Somalia showed that the country had the highest rate of MDR TB infection on the African continent. MDR TB develops when a patie...
  • KENYA: US Secretary of States John Kerry visits UNHCR, speaks to students in Dadaab Refugee Camp via Skype

    news UNHCR, 04 May 2015 (8 years ago )
    NAIROBI, 4 May 2015 (UNHCR) – US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry, visited UNHCR Representation Office in Kenya, accompanied by a delegation of senior officials from the US Government. Mr. Kerry expressed his utmost appreciation and respect for the work done by UNHCR in Kenya. The Represe...
  • High Commissioner Guterres wraps up visit to Kenya and Somalia to discuss the future of the Dadaab refugee camps

    news UNHCR, 09 May 2015 (8 years ago )
    UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres last night completed a visit to Kenya and Somalia where he met with the Presidents of the two countries, as well as Somali refugees and returnees. Speaking in Nairobi Mr. Guterres said, "We reached a common understanding with the Presidents of K...