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  • Return intention survey for Somali refugees begins in Dadaab

    news UNHCR, 20 Feb 2014 (9 years ago )
    A comprehensive return intention survey for Somali refugees began in Dadaab on 17 February 2014. The objective of the survey is to accurately understand the needs and concerns of Somali refugees in relation to voluntary repatriation. More than 7,000 refugees living in the five camps that make up ...
  • Announcing the Winners of the Global HackForGood

    news Technology for Good, 20 Jun 2013 (10 years ago )
    There was such overwhelming interest in our Global Hack for Good on World Refugee Day – we could not accommodate all that wanted to participate! So we are announcing the old fashioned way – on Facebook and Twitter! First, the challenge: The number of forcibly displaced people around the worl...
  • Olympic Spirit in Dadaab

    news UNHCR, 09 Aug 2012 (11 years ago )
    DADAAB, Kenya, 9 August (UNHCR) – The cheering from their fans is unlikely to have much effect on this football team drawn from the five sprawling refugee camps at Dadaab: all the members of EL-MAN DEAF FC have limited or no hearing. That has not stopped them playing well. Earlier this month – sh...
  • Reading & Studying - new libraries in Dadaab

    news UNHCR, 09 Aug 2012 (11 years ago )
    Thanks to the US Embassy in Nairobi, UNHCR & AVSI just opened new libraries for the communities in Ifo, Dagahaley and Hagadera. We are still looking for funds for school books, so that children can study after school hours.
  • Refugees lament losses as fire razes market in Kenya's Dadaab camp

    news UNHCR, 03 Aug 2012 (11 years ago )
    DADAAB, Kenya, August 2 (UNHCR) – A devastating fire that razed a market in Kenya's Dadaab refugee complex last weekend has highlighted the need for better fire safety preparedness and response in the world's largest refugee camp. The fire started on Sunday evening in the market of Dagahaley camp...
  • New UNHCR Dadaab & Alinjugur Facebook Page launched

    news UNHCR, 03 Aug 2012 (11 years ago )
    Dear All, We have just opened our new Facebook page called UNHCR Dadaab & Alinjugur. It will feature stories and news done by the UNHCR Team, partners, community members, and bring other content of interest. Please join us, comment and like, so that you ca...
  • UNHCR employs alternative strategies in managing the Dadaab camps

    news UNHCR Briefing Notes, 27 Jan 2012 (11 years ago )
    In an effort to maintain operations despite prevailing insecurity and reduced humanitarian access at Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camps, UNHCR has been exploring ways to ensure uninterrupted assistance and services in the world’s largest refugee settlement. <P>The new measures include stronger and dee...
  • Twin blasts in Dadaab raise concerns of worsening security

    news UNHCR Web Site, 21 Dec 2011 (11 years ago )
    GENEVA, December 21 (UNHCR) – An improvised explosive device went off on Tuesday near the market at the Ifo refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya. There were no casualties but a police vehicle was damaged. The explosion came just a day after a blast in nearby Hagadera camp killed one police officer and seri...
  • UNHCR alarmed over recent security incidents at Dadaab

    news UNHCR Web Site, 21 Dec 2011 (11 years ago )
    <P>UNHCR is alarmed by a string of recent security incidents targeting the Dadaab refugee complex in northern Kenya. Dadaab is the world's largest refugee settlement and shelters more than 460,000 people. <P>An explosion on Monday at the Hagadera camp killed one person and seriously injured two p...
  • Dadaab: Walking the fine line between helping refugees and risking lives

    news UNHCR Web Site, 28 Nov 2011 (11 years ago )
    DADAAB, Kenya, November 28 (UNHCR) – Ibrahim held up an X-ray of his broken thigh bone, taken when he first arrived in the Dadaab refugee complex of north-eastern Kenya. Five months later, he still cannot walk. <P>"I fell off a car when I was heading to Kenya from the Bay region [in southern Soma...