Costa Rica - Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion - April 2023

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Costa Rica - Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion - April 2023

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Social and economic inclusion of asylum- seekers and refugees in Costa Rica includes fostering access to formal and decent jobs and other income generating opportunities in the Great Metropolitan Area and the Northern Region. UNHCR in Costa Rica advocates for forcibly displaced and stateless people to access state-led programs and labour market opportunities through advocacy and capacity-building to improve employability, such as digital literacy, English skills and technical training, job intermediation, business ownership and access to financial services. Regarding local inclusion of refugees and asylum-seekers, actions are targeted towards improving their employability profile through education, raising awareness among the public and private sectors about their legal right to work, specific vulnerabilities and capacities, their added value and contribution to the job market, as well as improving job intermediation mechanisms and value chain linkages of refugee businesses to local markets.


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التنزيل  (PDF, 635.28 KB)