Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard September 2018

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Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard September 2018

نوع الوثيقة: Dashboards & Factsheets
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CCCM partners conducted a site maintenance needs assessments in Garowe IDPs sites. The results of the assessment will help prioritize site improvement activities, that strive to make sites safer and improve living conditions. Twelve Site-level camp management committees (5) were established in Beletweyne. Camp management committees work with humanitarian partners to ensure safe access to quality services in the sites. Three information centers were opened in Kismayo. The information centers are staffed by trained CCCM partners and provide a platform for displaced people to receive information about services as well provide feedback on these services. The draft site plan of the Baidoa public site was presented and approved by the Task Force. Infrastructure works will begin shortly. Forty camp representatives from IDP settlements in Kaxda and Daynile districts of Benadir were trained in CCCM principles. These trainings covered topics such as community participation, problem identication and prioritization, and


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