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Solidarites International

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  • Solidarités International

    Solidarités International


  • Solidarites International Lebanon

    SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL (SI) is an international Non-Governmental Organization which provides humanitarian assistance to population affected by natural disaster or man-made crisis. For more than 30 years, SI has developed the expertise required to meet the basic needs of affected populations: Water, Food and Shelter - by carrying out emergency programs followed by longer-term reconstruction projects. In order to address the immediate needs of both Syrian refugees and Lebanese host families affected by the Syrian crisis, SI has launched in March 2013 its operations in North Lebanon, ensuring access to safe water and sanitation facilities, improving shelter conditions and providing assistance to newcomers.

    Address Field office: Tripoli - Daw el Farez

    Carline Meynis-de-Paulin - Field Coordinator / e-mail: / phone: +961 71 58 17 12