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  • UNHCR’s humanitarian supplies to support relief efforts in Iran’s West Azerbaijan province arrived in Khoy, which was hit by a deadly earthquake on 28 January. As part of a coordinated response with other United Nations agencies, UNHCR has sent core relief items – including 3,000 family tents, 1,500 plastic tarpaulin, 3,000 high thermal blankets, 3,000 sleeping mats, and 3000 family hygiene kits to the affected areas. Distribution of these items to the affected families is ongoing. According to the Government of Iran’s estimates, over 35,000 people have been affected – most of the damage reported in Khoy county. Iran has been a generous refugee hosting country for more than 40 years. In difficult times like these, we express solidarity with the people of Iran and we stand ready to continue supporting those in need of assistance.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, welcomed the generous contribution of EUR 1.5 million from the Government of Finland on 7 October 2021, in support of Afghan refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Finland’s contribution will help UNHCR pre-position Core Relief Items, hygiene kits and tents along border areas, to help Afghans who are recently fleeing conflict and discrimination in their country. In 2021 alone, UNHCR is directly aware of some 18,000 Afghans who newly arrived in Iran using irregular routes, although the total number that have entered the country is likely to be significantly higher. Since the beginning of the year, over 660,000 persons were newly displaced within Afghanistan itself.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has released yesterday a non-return advisory for Afghanistan, calling for a bar on forced returns of Afghan nationals, including asylum seekers who have had their claims rejected. UNHCR calls on States to halt forcible returns of Afghan nationals who have previously been determined not to be in need of international protection. States have a legal and moral responsibility to allow those fleeing Afghanistan to seek safety, and to not forcibly return refugees. UNHCR’s advisory against forced returns to Afghanistan remains in effect until security, rule of law and the human rights conditions improve enough in the country to allow for safe and dignified returns.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of) / Afghanistan - Refugees / Islamic Republic of Iran - Refugees
  • UNHCR welcomes the generous contribution of USD 1,250,000 from the Government of Japan, which will be crucial in enabling UNHCR to enhance its support of refugees over the course of 2021. In addition to supporting access to primary healthcare and education, this funding will go towards the implementation of livelihoods activities, such as the provision of technical and vocational training and support to small businesses and workshops for refugees in Iran. In turn, refugees can then positively contribute to the Iranian host community during their stay, and further utilize their new skills in their country of origin, once conditions become conductive for their safe and dignified voluntary return. Japan is one of the biggest donors to UNHCR in support of Afghan refugees.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of) / Afghanistan - Refugees
  • UNHCR welcomes the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s recent move to formalize access to banking services – including debit cards, for Afghan refugees in the country. Now, all refugees will have a more secure means of managing their finances. Banking services will also facilitate emergency cash assistance to refugees in Iran. Since the start of COVID-19, UNHCR has helped vulnerable refugees cope with the economic impact of the pandemic by providing them with cash assistance via electronic vouchers. Financial inclusion can contribute to refugees’ resilience, empowering them to meet their needs in a safe, sustainable and dignified manner, and helping them avoid negative coping mechanisms.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • UNHCR welcomes the Government of Iran’s move to give nationality to thousands of children born to Iranian mothers and non-Iranian fathers. According to the Government, nearly 75,000 children are eligible for Iranian citizenship under a new nationality law, which was amended in 2019 to allow children under 18 years to apply for the identity documents. By allowing Iranian mothers to pass their nationality to their children, the law also marks a ground-breaking step towards reducing the gender gap in Iran. Although Iran is not party to the UN Conventions on Statelessness, the Government is taking steps towards the prevention and reduction of statelessness in the country.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • UNHCR is extremely concerned by the rapid escalation of conflict in Afghanistan. Amid intensified clashes in Nimruz province in the country’s south-west, nearly two hundred Afghan refugees have been forced to flee to the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is estimated that since the beginning of the year nearly 400,000 Afghans have been internally displaced within the country – some 244,000 since May alone. UNHCR urges the Iranian authorities to keep the Milak border crossing open in light of the intensifying humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Not doing so may put thousands of lives at risk. In cooperation with the Iran’s Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants’ Affairs (BAFIA), UNHCR has already provided immediate assistance to new arrivals, including food and water. Together with other humanitarian actors, UNHCR is prepared to provide urgent assistance and support reception arrangements – including emergency shelter, latrines and other core relief items.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of) / Afghanistan - Refugees / Islamic Republic of Iran - Refugees
  • UNHCR has stepped up its cash assistance to support thousands of extremely vulnerable refugees whose livelihoods have been severely impacted by the continuing coronavirus pandemic in Iran. Iran’s economy has already been under substantial strain during the past two years, but COVID-19 has very severely worsened economic conditions. UNHCR has supported more than 20,000 refugees since the beginning of the pandemic. Some 9,000 among those have recently benefitted from a cash assistance scheme through pre-paid cards. These refugees are suffering from serious health conditions and are in need of urgent support. Each household receives some US$300 (a one-off payment) – enough to cover up to three months of basic expenditures.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • UNHCR handed over essential medical equipment and medicines worth USD 10 million to the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME), in partnership with and the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants’ Affairs (BAFIA), on 11 April 2023 in Tehran. The equipment including, ambulances, dialysis machines, CT scanners, X-Ray machines, ventilators, mobile health post and laboratory, rapid testing kits for malaria, COVID-19, Cholera, Hepatitis, and other communicable diseases, as well as many other essential medical items, will be delivered to some public hospitals and health posts in 27 provinces across the country in refugee hosting areas and refugee settlements.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • UNHCR Iran marked World Refugee Day with a series of events celebrating refugees’ resilience and courage and the country’s commendable inclusive policies towards refugees. With over 3.4 million refugees and refugee-like populations, Iran has become the second-largest refugee-hosting country globally this year. Throughout Iran, a range of events were organized to commemorate this year’s World Refugee Day, under the theme “Hope Away from Home.” These events emphasized the importance of solutions, inclusion, and compassion towards those forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, or natural disasters. UNHCR Representative a.i., Ms. Inna Gladkova, in her Refugee Day message, paid tribute to the courage and remarkable resilience of refugees and commended Iran for its inclusive refugee policies, particularly in the sectors of education and health.
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    Iran (Islamic Republic of)