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  • The SGBV WG met regularly in December 2018 reviewing achievements of the annual workplan and starting brainstorming for 2019 planning. Among identified priorities there is a stronger information management system. Moreover the WG has started the development of an app to strengthen the referral pathway. Package for the safe referral training has been updated and disseminated to participants to the ToT for the replication at field level at the beginning of next year.
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    Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • The SGBV WG met regularly in January 2019, focus of the meeting was presenting best practices on violence against older people and discussing sexual harassment in the workplace. The SGBV WG finalized report on 16 days of activism against gender based violence campaign. First meeting of the year was held for the GBV IMS taskforce, whereas data gathering organizations conducted an analysis of compiled data of 2018 on GBV trends that will inform the yearly report. Moreover the SGBV WG participated to the global consultation on GBV minimum standards for the prevention and response to GBV in emergencies. The goal of these minimum standards is to enhance accountability among GBV specialists, improve quality, and provide clarity on what constitutes effective GBV prevention and response. Collecting feedback from field level GBV practitioners is critical in the revision process to ensure the Minimum Standards are truly an inclusive field-tested and validated. To this end the SGBV WG organized a consultation on 22nd of January 2019, attended by 25 participants (6M, 19F) with expertise in the multisectorial response to GBV in Jordan.
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    Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • The Sector Gender Based Violence (SGBV WG) met regularly in February 2019, The Gender Justice report for Jordan prepared by UNDP, UNFPA and UN-women was presented. Highlights in February were the field testing of the app for safe referrals as well as preparation for the celebration of International Women’s Day with common messages and development of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials. The sub-working group agreed on gaps and prioritization and it has been advocating for the OCHA humanitarian fund allocation.
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    Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • The SGBV WG met regularly in March 2019 and reviewed the Terms of reference for the working group. In March the SGBV WG marked the celebration of International Women’s Day with the production of common IEC materials on the national theme “She innovates”. 300 posters were produced and disseminated in 3 refugee camps and host communities to celebrate refugee and Jordanian women volunteers commitment to innovate and build a safer environment for all women and girls in Jordan. The SGBV WG selected success stories of women and girls from 9 different organization producing and disseminating 100 boxes with stories featuring women and girls that despite facing challenges have found creative ways to claim their rights. Moreover the SGBV WG championed the inclusion of two priorities in OCHA humanitarian funding allocation and disseminated a guidance note on Do and Do not on GBV proposal writing. The first meeting of the SAG- Strategic Advisory Group took place for the discussion of workplan and strategic priorities. Moreover in March SGBV WG nominated three gender focal points to support gender mainstreaming in the sector. The sub working group completed the planning exercise for the Jordan Response Plan.
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    Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • The SGBV WG met regularly in April 2019 and endorsed the annual workplan. Moreover IRC presented a good practice on adolescent programming with their Girl Shine approach. A learning session was organized on the new application for referrals to ensure partners familiarize with it and provide information as needed. The GBV IMS taskforce met regularly and based on the results of assessment included a new member as data gathering organization. The SGBV WG participated to the launch of the Standard Operating Procedures for the prevention and response to Gender Based Violence,Family Violence and Child protection and the Clinical Management of Rape Protocol organized by NCFA under the patronage of the Prime Minister.
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    Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • The SGBV WG met regularly in May 2019 with a focus on youth and GBV, this included the presentation of the COMPACT- interagency guidelines for working with and for young people in humanitarian settings. In the reporting month the working group provided technical review of 12 submitted proposal to the OCHA managed humanitarian funding. In order to collect lessons learnt on inclusion of people with disabilities in GBV programming in this operation a taskforce met to develop briefing note. A second briefing session was offered on SGBV WG mobile data entry. The working group worked with sub national coordination in Mafraq to support the establishment of CMR services in the area. In Zaatari camp a multisectorial initiative brought together youth, protection and GBV actors and community volunteers to discuss solutions for street sexual harassment in the camp.
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    Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • In July 2019, the GBV Working Group focused on risk mitigation intervention with the support of UNFPA GBVIE specialist from the roving team. The main purpose of the intervention is to assist humanitarian actors and communities in Jordan to coordinate, plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate essential actions for the prevention and mitigation of GBV across selected sectors of humanitarian response to the Syria crisis. Because of the protracted crisis and the need to strengthen resilience and national capacity this initiative aims as well at involving for the first-time relevant Ministries.
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    Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • On the occasion of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, the SGBV SWG organized a joint art event in collaboration with the Greater Amman Municipality under the national theme "Break the silence on Economic violence". Over 400 participants attended the event including the general public, donor agencies, humanitarian and development actors, beneficiaries of the programs and refugee volunteers.
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  • UNHCR in SUDAN ENGAGES IN COVID-19 PREVENTION AND RESPONSE: To protect refugees and IDPs as well as their hosts in Sudan from COVID-19, UNHCR and partners have rolled out a massive prevention, preparedness and response programme. The Agency joined WHO and UNICEF in spreading risk awareness by translating posters in refugee languages, by briefing volunteers and IDP leaders, tens of thousands of text messages sent to urban refugees in Khartoum. In addition, in recent weeks, UNHCR delivered 1 million bars of soap to IDPs, refugees and their most vulnerable Sudanese neighbours. The Agency also established a surveillance system in refugee camps for immediate isolation of potential cases, reporting to the health authorities and subsequent testing. According to the results, so far the virus which is spreading fast in the country has not infected any refugee.
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  • UNHCR’s Age, Gender and Diversity Accountability Report 2020 – People at the Centre: The Intersection of Age, Gender and Diversity. This report reflects the progress made on the core actions under Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) Policy and presents many achievements and good practices, as well as gaps and challenges that remain in systematically integrating AGD considerations. Please see the report Also please refer to UNHCR AGDs Policy of March 2018
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    Jordan Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees