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  • AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report – Dec. 12, 2014

    news Radio Mustaqbal, 12 Dec 2014 (9 years ago )
    Commissioner of Tyeglow district in Bakool region Mohamed Abdille Hassan told Mustaqbal radio that the security forces apprehended a soldier suspected to be behind the murder of five women in the district.The soldier is the husband to one of the two women killed by Al-shabab in the area and as reven...
  • AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report – Dec. 15, 2014

    news AMISOM Daily Media Monitoring, 15 Dec 2014 (9 years ago )
    Ambassador Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke favourite to be next Somali PM 15 Dec – Source: Hiiraan Online – 131 Words Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, current Somali Ambassador to United States and the former holder of the premiership appears to be the top choice to replace outgoing Somali Prime Minis...
  • AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report – Dec. 17, 2014

    news AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report, 17 Dec 2014 (9 years ago )
    Gun men kill 3 people in south of Laascaanood 16 Dec – Source: Radio Goobjoog – 74 Words At least 2 People were killed in the outskirts of Lasaanod district in Sool region in a revenge attack. Men armed with pistols and rifles attacked a minibus and killed one person among the passengers, locals s...
  • AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report – Dec. 16, 2014

    news AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report, 16 Dec 2014 (9 years ago )
    Somalia’s ambassador to US arrives Mogadishu 16 Dec – Source: Radio Goobjoog – 96 Words A special plane carrying Somalia ambassador to United states Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmaarke who is expected to be named the new prime minister of federal government landed at Adan Adde international airport on ...
  • AMISOM Morning Headlines – Dec. 19, 2014

    news AMISOM Morning Headlines, 19 Dec 2014 (9 years ago )
    President Hassan: AMISOM troops from Sierra Leone had no political agenda in Somalia 18 Dec – Source: Radio Goobjoog/Mareeg Media/Radio RBC – 198 Words The president of Somalia Hon. Hassan Sheik Mohamed speaking at a farewell ceremony for 850 Sierra Leonean troops leaving the country has commended...
  • AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report – Dec. 18, 2014

    news AMISOM Daily Monitoring Report, 18 Dec 2014 (9 years ago )
    World marks International Day of Migrants 18 Dec – Source: Radio Goobjoog – 110 Words International migrants day is commemorated all over the world including Somalia, where ceremonies to mark day are held in all regions of the country. Many immigrants, including Somalis, face threats and human r...
  • Al-Shabab claims deadly Somalia car bombing

    news Al Jazeera and agencies, 05 Jan 2015 (9 years ago )
    A suicide bombing has struck Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, killing five people including the bomber, with the armed group al-Shabab quickly claiming responsibility. Witnesses reported a loud explosion, followed by gunfire and plumes of smoke, in Waaberi district on Sunday.
  • African migrants face death at sea in Yemen

    news Al Jazeera, 02 Jan 2015 (9 years ago )
    Sanaa - Yemen has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of African migrants and asylum-seekers arriving in 2014 despite growing insecurity in the country, UN officials have said.
  • US air strike targets al-Shabab leader

    news Agencies, 30 Dec 2014 (9 years ago )
    Pentagon says Washington has carried out an air strike against a senior leader of armed group in Saacow in Somalia.
  • Innovation: Instant Network Schools open up a new world for Somali refugees

    news, 04 Feb 2015 (9 years ago )
    DADAAB, Kenya, February 4 (UNHCR) – Thirty pairs of fascinated eyes watch the big white screen; fingers glide across new tablet computers. A class of students at the Nasib Secondary School in north-east Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp complex, is enjoying a history lesson about the Portuguese in Africa....