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  • First group of asylum seekers relocated from Italy to Sweden

    news UNHCR, 09 Oct 2015 (8 years ago )
    ROME, Italy, Oct 9 (UNHCR) – A first group of 19 asylum seekers was relocated from Italy to Sweden today under an EU relocation scheme. The asylum seekers who arrived in Sicily by boat over the last few weeks were registered in Lampedusa and accepted to take part in the relocation scheme that wil...
  • Leaders' Meeting Western Balkans Route - Joint press conference: Opening remarks by António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

    news European Commission, 25 Oct 2015 (8 years ago )
    Joint press conference: Opening remarks by António Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees:
  • First asylum-seekers relocate from Greece to Luxembourg

    news UNHCR, 04 Nov 2015 (8 years ago )
    ATHENS, Greece, Nov 4 (UNHCR) – It was the crack of dawn when 30 asylum-seekers from Syria and Iraq gathered around the departure gate at Athens International Airport on Wednesday, bound for a new life in a new land. The atmosphere was full of expectation. Some could barely contain their exciteme...
  • UNHCR launches appeal to aid refugees as winter hits Europe

    news UNHCR, 05 Nov 2015 (8 years ago )
    GENEVA, Nov 5 (UNHCR) – With thousands of refugees and migrants continuing to arrive in Europe via the Mediterranean each day as winter approaches, the UN refugee agency is appealing to donors for US$96.15 million in additional support for Greece and affected countries in the Balkans. UNHCR's new...
  • UNHCR aids refugees on the Greek Islands

    news UNHCR, 06 Nov 2015 (8 years ago )
    GENEVA, Nov 6 (UNHCR) – UN refugee agency staff have worked throughout the week to provide emergency shelter and support to thousands of refugees, migrants and the local host communities on the Greek Islands. An estimated 20,000 refugees and migrants are currently on the Islands of Chios, Kalymno...
  • A healthy Syrian boy was born on 4 Nov in Slavonski Brod hospital on the same day when his family arrived in the Winter Transit Center.

    news Radio Osijek, 04 Nov 2015 (8 years ago )
  • A childhood regained on Kos

    news UNHCR, 11 Nov 2015 (8 years ago )
    KOS, Greece, Nov 11, (UNHCR) – Although he is only 14 years old, Samir's face shows a maturity and a seriousness well beyond his age. He has experienced far too much for a child. "I have seen many scary things," the Afghan orphan told the UN refugee agency recently in a transit facility for unacc...
  • Miracle Ali’s Nightmare at Sea

    news UNHCR, 14 Aug 2015 (8 years ago )
    Just 40 days old, a boy with Down’s Syndrome may never remember his journey to Europe. His parents will never forget it.
  • Superhero To The Rescue

    news UNHCR, 04 Nov 2015 (8 years ago )
    Volunteer Ali dons a wetsuit and heads out into choppy surf off Lesvos to help boatloads of refugees reach the Greek shore safely. Those he helps call him a “superhero,” but Ali, an Iraqi who now lives in Denmark, says he is just “a little kid” prepared to give his life to help others. See the v...
  • High Commissioner welcomes Turkish work permits for Syrian refugees

    news UNHCR, 18 Jan 2016 (8 years ago )
    ISTANBUL, Jan 17, 2016 – In a major shift of policy, the Turkish Government has published new regulations which will allow many of the 2.5 million Syrian refugees in the country to apply for work permits. Registered Syrian refugees who have been in Turkey for at least six months will be allowed t...