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  • Hundreds flee fresh air and ground attacks and cross to South Sudan

    news UNHCR, 25 Sep 2012 (9 years ago )
    JUBA, South Sudan, September 25 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency said Tuesday that fresh air and ground attacks in Sudan's South Kordofan state are causing a renewed population influx to South Sudan.
  • New refugee arrivals at South Sudan's Yida settlement

    news UNHCR, 22 Nov 2012 (9 years ago )
    South Sudan's largest refugee settlement – Yida, in Unity State – is seeing a sharp rise in new refugee arrivals. Over the past week there have been 2,100 new arrivals, 826 of them on Wednesday and 527 on Thursday. The refugees say the reason for their flight is intensified fighting in their home re...
  • UNHCR helps mediate South Sudan cattle grazing dispute

    news , 06 Dec 2012 (9 years ago )
    MABAN COUNTY, South Sudan, November 29 (UNHCR) – John Gay is tired and angry after spending yet another sleepless night chasing grazing cattle from his sorghum field in South Sudan's Maban County.
  • In a move to a new camp, refugees in South Sudan respond cautiously

    news UNHCR, 17 Apr 2013 (9 years ago )
    YIDA, South Sudan, April 17 (UNHCR) – During the past three weeks, Hassam Neel Salom has been among a small, but growing number of refugees who have moved from a crowded and insecure settlement near a contested section of the border between South Sudan and Sudan to a new camp.
  • UNHCR starts relocation of Sudanese refugees from flood-prone camp

    news UNHCR, 07 May 2013 (9 years ago )
    MABAN, South Sudan, May 7 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has this week begun the relocation of almost 20,000 Sudanese refugees from the flood-prone Jamam transit site in South Sudan's Upper Nile state to a new camp on higher ground.
  • Sudan: UN expert voices concern at human rights situation in Kordofan, Blue Nile states

    news UN News Centre, 21 Jun 2013 (9 years ago )
    21 June 2013 – While welcoming overall positive human rights developments in Sudan, an independent United Nations expert today expressed concerns about specific situations in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan states, which have been plagued by ongoing clashes and hostilities.
  • More civilians seeking protection at UNMISS bases

    news UNMISS, 13 Jan 2014 (8 years ago )
    13 January 2014 - As hundreds of civilians continued to seek refuge UNMISS bases in Juba, the mission and humanitarian partners were preparing to move some internally displaced people (IDPs) to a new protection site, an International Organization for Migration official said today in Juba. “A new si...
  • South Sudan Nile ferry sinks with more than 200 dead

    news BBC, 14 Jan 2014 (8 years ago )
    More than 200 civilians in South Sudan have drowned in a Nile ferry accident while fleeing fighting in the town of Malakal, an army spokesman has said. He said women and children were among the victims in Sunday's disaster. More than 350,000 people have been displaced by the fighting between the S...
  • Child soldiers fighting in South Sudan conflict, says UN

    news The Telegraph, 18 Jan 2014 (8 years ago )
    South Sudan’s conflict has turned into a “horrifying humanitarian and human rights disaster” with evidence of mass atrocities, child soldiers and human rights violations by both sides during a month of ethnic fighting, the United Nations said yesterday. During a four-day tour of the country, Ivan...
  • South Sudan army use force at UN base

    news Agence France Presse, 19 Jan 2014 (8 years ago )
    South Sudan government troops tried to force their way into a United Nations compound sheltering thousands of civilians after taking a key town from opposition rebels, a UN spokesman said. Senior government figures and troops threatened UN staff when they tried to enter the compound at Bor, Marti...