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  • UNHCR helps mediate South Sudan cattle grazing dispute

    news , 06 Dec 2012 (11 years ago )
    MABAN COUNTY, South Sudan, November 29 (UNHCR) – John Gay is tired and angry after spending yet another sleepless night chasing grazing cattle from his sorghum field in South Sudan's Maban County.
  • Modern technology helps meet the needs of refugees in South Sudan

    news UNHCR, 27 Dec 2012 (11 years ago )
    YIDA, South Sudan, Dec 27 (UNHCR) – Technology is changing all spheres of life, including humanitarian interventions. In South Sudan, UNHCR is using satellite imagery, interactive mapping, digital fingerprinting and text messaging to strengthen refugee protection, help the most vulnerable and reach ...
  • Australia Commits US $ 5 Million for Refugees in South Sudan and Ethiopia

    news Gurtong, 30 Jan 2013 (11 years ago )
    Australia has committed US $5 million to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to provide food, medical assistance, water, shelter and protection for up to 245,000 refugees fleeing Sudan due to ongoing violence.
  • UNHCR to open new refugee camp in South Sudan's Unity State

    news UNHCR, 22 Jan 2013 (11 years ago )
    In South Sudan's Unity State, UNHCR is set to open a new refugee camp in the coming weeks. This will help us to manage further inflows of Sudanese refugees and to decongest the existing settlement in Yida, where essential services are overstretched.
  • Hepatitis E toll rises to more than 100 in South Sudan refugee camps

    news UNHCR, 18 Feb 2013 (11 years ago )
    Hepatitis E toll rises to more than 100 in South Sudan refugee camps
  • In a move to a new camp, refugees in South Sudan respond cautiously

    news UNHCR, 17 Apr 2013 (11 years ago )
    YIDA, South Sudan, April 17 (UNHCR) – During the past three weeks, Hassam Neel Salom has been among a small, but growing number of refugees who have moved from a crowded and insecure settlement near a contested section of the border between South Sudan and Sudan to a new camp.
  • UNHCR starts relocation of Sudanese refugees from flood-prone camp

    news UNHCR, 07 May 2013 (11 years ago )
    MABAN, South Sudan, May 7 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has this week begun the relocation of almost 20,000 Sudanese refugees from the flood-prone Jamam transit site in South Sudan's Upper Nile state to a new camp on higher ground.
  • Facing meningitis outbreak, UN and South Sudan announce vaccination campaign in Upper Nile

    news UN News Center, 09 May 2013 (11 years ago )
    9 May 2013 – The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and South Sudan today announced they will carry out a vaccination campaign to address a meningitis outbreak in the Upper Nile state that has killed three people.
  • DDG removes mines from a busy market place

    news Danish Refugee Council - Thomson Reuters Foundation, 28 May 2013 (11 years ago )
    The Danish Demining Group (DDG) removes two mines located near the mosque in a bustling town in South Sudan. The town is located next to a refugee camp, which is home to more than 45,000 refugees from the bordering Sudan. The high number of explosive remnants of war continues to pose a serious threa...
  • Upper Nile lawmakers learn rights of vulnerable

    news UNMISS - United Nation Mission in South Sudan, 24 May 2013 (11 years ago )
    24 May 2013 - Educating lawmakers in the rights of vulnerable persons, UNMISS concluded a two day workshop today in the Upper Nile capital of Malakal. The training, which drew 46 parliamentarians, covered the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, South Sudan Transitional Constitution and Upper Nil...