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  • Burma Military’s New Rangoon Billboard Attracts Attention

    news Irrawaddy News, 30 Aug 2013 (10 years ago )
    The Burmese military, notorious over the past five decades for its use of child soldiers, erected an eye-catching billboard in downtown Rangoon this week indicating a desire to clean up its image—and perhaps its practices. In a first for Burma’s armed forces, a billboard promoting a “No Child Sol...
  • Gathered Farmers Call on Govt to End Land Grabs

    news Irrawaddy, 20 Aug 2013 (10 years ago )
    RANGOON — About 500 farmers from across Burma gathered at a two-day event in Rangoon this week to call on the government to address the worsening land confiscation issue and to return farmland that was seized under the previous military regime. Desperate farmers addressed the Voice of the Farmer ...
  • Peace Be Dammed

    news Irrawaddy, 17 Aug 2013 (10 years ago )
    CHIANG MAI, Thailand — On May 22, representatives of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), accompanied by a team of researchers and students from Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University, traveled to the remote northern Thai village of Ban Mae Sam Leap in Mae Hong Son Province to meet w...
  • Army MP Halts Talks on Military Land-Grabs in Burma’s Parliament

    news Army MP Halts Talks on Military Land-Grabs in Burma’s Parliament, 16 Aug 2013 (10 years ago )
    RANGOON — A discussion about military land confiscations was halted on Thursday in Burma’s Parliament, after a representative from the army interrupted the proceedings and urged other lawmakers to move onto another topic. Brig-Gen Kyaw Oo Lwin, who was appointed to the legislature and not elected...
  • news , 30 Nov 1999 (24 years ago )