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  • Ukrainian refugees find warm welcome in neighbouring Moldova

    news While many move on, Olga and her children are among 100,000 Ukrainians staying in Moldova, where people and the authorities are offering support with help from UNHCR., 18 May 2022 (10 months ago )
    Olga and her husband had almost finished construction on a new house for them and their two children when the bombs began raining down in early March. Their village in Ukraine’s Odesa region was near two military bases targeted by missiles, but with no basement in their new home, they were forced to...
  • Ukrainian teacher in Romania is determined to remove barriers

    news Imagine waking up to the sound of sirens and tanks moving down the street – and quickly making the decision to run down to the basement, grabbing only your most essential items. Looking at your older parents who are feeling helpless – stopping your child , 19 May 2022 (10 months ago )
    Natalia was studying English literature in Chernivtsi city, a place she calls ‘a piece of heaven.’ After the war started, Natalia fled with her five-year-old son, who is now enrolled in a local kindergarten in Romania. With the help of UNHCR and partners, Natalia and her son were able to find a new ...
  • Ukrainian teenager touches Slovenians with sensitivity at the piano

    news Living in a world of sound, Vika, 13, is accompanied by an inner music that helps her find her way., 17 May 2022 (10 months ago )
    Like a teenager anywhere, 13-year-old Vika Fursova listens to music on her smartphone. But instead of popular hits she is listening to is her own improvisation on the piano. Soft, like rain, it comforts her after a harrowing journey from war-torn Ukraine. Vika was born blind, so sound has always ...
  • Ukrainian volunteer rallies village to welcome displaced families

    news UNHCR, 07 Apr 2022 (11 months ago )
    As families fled west to escape fighting, Rymma Mytrak came up with a plan and with help from her neighbours opened a shelter for 80 people within days.
  • Unaccompanied and separated children fleeing escalating conflict in Ukraine must be protected

    news UNHCR, 07 Mar 2022 (1 year ago )
    Joint statement by UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi
  • University dorm in western Ukraine offers escape for fleeing families

    news UNHCR, 11 Mar 2022 (1 year ago )
    With nearly 2 million people forcibly displaced within Ukraine, UNHCR and its partners are responding to the dire humanitarian needs with shelter and other forms of aid. <br> Until recently, students filled the halls and rooms of this dormitory in Mukachevo State University in western Ukraine’s Z...
  • În România, refugiații din Ucraina își construiesc o nouă viață în timp ce tânjesc după casă

    news UNHCR, 24 Feb 2023 (1 month ago )
    Munca pe care o desfășoară la cafenea o ajută pe Ekaterina, în vârstă de 30 de ani, să își reconstruiască viața într-o țară nouă, creând o parte din normalitatea și independența pe care le-a pierdut din cauza războiului din țara sa, dar îi oferă și oportunitatea de a-i ajuta pe alții care, la fel ca...