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  • There were 119,890 IDPs in Burundi as of April 2019 according to IOM’s Data Tracking Matrix, 76 per cent of the factors of displacement are linked to natural disasters, 24 per cent are linked to the socio political situation.
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  • The total number of refugees in Nduta Camp in Tanzania is already over 106,000 and camp facilities are overstretched. More land is needed very soon to host incoming Burundian refugees. Last week's average of daily arrivals into Tanzania was 724 refugees per day.
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  • The rehabilitation of the Katalukulu Health Center near Mulongwe site (South Kivu) was completed and medical staff was hired. The Center will benefit both Burundian refugees and host community.
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  • The lack of funding has stopped UNHCR’s cash-based assistance programme in Rwanda’s Mahama camp for 19,500 families, severely affecting refugees’ ability to meet their own basic needs.
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  • The first cases of Covid-19 in the EHAGL region were reported on 13 March and the situation continues to evolve. All 11 countries of the region have reported cases and local transmission. While there has been no large-scale outbreak amongst UNHCR’s populations of concern, the need for preparedness is urgent. UNHCR is working closely with governments, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Country Teams to promote the inclusion of refugees, IDPs, stateless people and others of concern in national preparedness and response measures – in particular in health, hygiene and sanitation programmes, as well as distance learning and emergency social safety nets.
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  • The consequences of underfunding are being felt across the board by Burundian refugees in four neighbouring countries, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda.
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  • The World Food Programme (WFP) is forced to implement food cuts in the region, affecting Burundian refugees in Tanzania and Rwanda. In Rwanda food assistance is secured only until the end of April. A possible drastic cut in food rations is foreseen in the month of May (51%) and onwards, if no further contributions are received from donors.
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  • The Tanzanian Government has revoked the Refugee (Declaration) Notice No. 54 granting prima facie refugee status to asylum-seekers from Burundi. Detailed modalities under which the Refugee Status Determination (RSD) will be conducted for individuals fleeing Burundi have yet to be communicated. Meanwhile the average daily new arrivals’ figure has increased to 727 individuals (during 20 January and 2 February).
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  • The Regional Child Protection Network held an Information Sharing Session on Child Protection Responses to the Burundi and South Sudan Crises. The theme was 'The Critical Importance of Child Protection in Refugee Situations'.
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  • The Head of Offic and the Peace Advisor in the Resident Coordinator’s Office Kampala, visited Nakivale refugee settlement.
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