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  • The Government of Uganda, Partners in Development and UN agencies today launched the Health Response Plan that will ensure equitable access to quality health services for hundreds of thousands of refugees and host communities in Uganda.
    highlight 25 Jan 2019 (5 years ago)
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  • The Government of Uganda has made a decision to declare prima facie for the Burundian situation.
    highlight 14 Jun 2015 (9 years ago)
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  • The CERF has approved a funding request coordinated by UNHCR for the Burundi emergency response. towards protection, health, and shelter and non-food items.
    highlight 05 Aug 2015 (8 years ago)
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  • The Burundian refugee situation is at present the lowest funded of any situation globally. At present just 28 per cent of the US$206 million needed has been received. The impact on the 400,000 refugees in neighbouring countries is acute.
    highlight 09 Oct 2018 (5 years ago)
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  • The Burundi Situation needs urgent funding, as the total amount of contributions amounts to 1% of the overall needs. There are significant needs in refugee settlements, as the overall refugee population has grown to over 400,000, with new arrivals coming on a daily basis.
    highlight 28 Apr 2017 (7 years ago)
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  • Talented refugee models who met with UNHCR High Profile Supporter, Helena Christensen, in October 2018 grace Vogue Magazine.
    highlight 14 Dec 2018 (5 years ago)
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  • Support scheme in Rwandan capital and elsewhere sees refugee businesses including Burundian-owned LPG store create 2,600 new jobs countrywide.
    highlight 02 Jan 2019 (5 years ago)
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  • Some 411 Burundians registered for training on business skills and access to finance launched by INKOMOKO Business Development for the 2019 cohort programme. The programme aims at bolstering the capacities of refugees to run businesses and contribute economically to the communities where they are integrated.
    highlight 13 Dec 2018 (5 years ago)
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  • Since the start of the voluntary repatriation exercise in September 2017, a total of 63,143 individuals have been assisted to return to Burundi from Tanzania as of 31 March 2019. Of those who have registered for return, 7,760 individuals are currently awaiting departure after having had their intention to voluntarily return verified.
    highlight 04 Apr 2019 (5 years ago)
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  • Since 2014, UNHCR, in partnership with Safe from the Start, an anti-SGBV initiative supported by the US Government, has developed 15 new projects to reduce the risk of SGBV through access to cooking energy and the creation of livelihood opportunities for refugee women.
    highlight 26 Nov 2018 (5 years ago)
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