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  • Food ration cuts have left refugees with insufficient to feed families. Shelters are in desperate conditions in places, health centres are struggling to cope with the number of patients, classrooms are overcrowded, and capacity to help unaccompanied children and survivors of sexual violence is very limited.
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  • “UNHCR is not promoting returns to Burundi at this stage, but we continue to work with the governments of Burundi and host countries, including Tanzania, to assist those who feel now is the time for them to return home.”
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  • 52% of the total 232,716 Burundian refugees will remain in emergency shelters and over 17,600 refugee students will continue to attend classes under trees due to under-funding of the Burundian Refugee Situation.
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  • 54 per cent of the Burundian Refugee population are children. In response to this crisis, and in light of the serious impact on children, UNHCR and child protection partners have come together to jointly agree on a Regional Plan of Action for the Protection of Refugee Children for the period January to December 2018. Download the document here
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  • Education is very basic, with insufficient learning materials and overcrowded classrooms in all countries of asylum. In Tanzania, over 17,600 Burundi refugee students are attending classes under trees.
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  • In Uganda’s Nakivale settlement thousands of refugee families are using overcrowded communal latrines, with risk of disease outbreaks, little privacy, and exposure of women and children in particular to protection risks.
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  • From January to 30 September 2018 a total of 38,390 refugees were assisted to voluntarily repatriate to Burundi from Tanzania in 88 convoys (bringing the total from September 2017 to 52,260).
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  • Both UNHCR Burundi and Tanzania operations are in need of additional resources to scale up the operation to reach 2,000 returnees per week as agreed to at the March 2018 Tripartite Commission meeting, as well as to continue attending to the humanitarian needs of refugees in Tanzania and to support returnees in Burundi.
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  • UNHCR High profile supporter, model and photographer Helena Christensen is calling for urgent funding and global attention for Burundian refugees living in Rwanda following a trip with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.
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  • The Regional Child Protection Network held an Information Sharing Session on Child Protection Responses to the Burundi and South Sudan Crises. The theme was 'The Critical Importance of Child Protection in Refugee Situations'.
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