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  • An EXCOM donor mission from Geneva visited Uganda to gain a deeper understanding of UNHCR and partners responses to refugee influxes.
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    Uganda / Burundi - Refugees
  • UNHCR launched the 2017 Supplementary Appeal for the Burundi Situation. Currently 2% of the overall funding requirements (US$ 250 million) has been received. More funding is urgently needed to increase capacity and to decongest overcrowded camps.
    highlight 22 May 2017 (6 years ago)
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  • 1,700 Burundian refugees were transferred to the new site of Mulongwe (South Kivu Province) since its opening in late November.
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    Democratic Republic of the Congo / Burundi - Refugees
  • Nyarugusu, Mtendeli and Nduta in Tanzania carried out a post distribution monitoring assessments on food security and refugee coping mechanisms in May 2018. This assessment is a first step to understand beneficiaries’ food security situation across the three camps.
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    / Burundi - Refugees
  • The Burundian refugee situation is at present the lowest funded of any situation globally. At present just 28 per cent of the US$206 million needed has been received. The impact on the 400,000 refugees in neighbouring countries is acute.
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  • Food ration cuts have left refugees with insufficient to feed families. Shelters are in desperate conditions in places, health centres are struggling to cope with the number of patients, classrooms are overcrowded, and capacity to help unaccompanied children and survivors of sexual violence is very limited.
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    / Burundi - Refugees
  • 54 per cent of the Burundian Refugee population are children. In response to this crisis, and in light of the serious impact on children, UNHCR and child protection partners have come together to jointly agree on a Regional Plan of Action for the Protection of Refugee Children for the period January to December 2018. Download the document here
    highlight 17 Oct 2018 (5 years ago)
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  • UNHCR High profile supporter, model and photographer Helena Christensen is calling for urgent funding and global attention for Burundian refugees living in Rwanda following a trip with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.
    highlight 14 Nov 2018 (5 years ago)
    / Burundi - Refugees
  • One of our anti-SGBV Initiatives is the MADE51. This artisan initiative allows refugee artisans, many of them women at risk of SGBV, to receive expert product development support and access to international marketing channels and sustainable livelihoods.
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    / Burundi - Refugees / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNHCR, the Office of the Prime Minster (OPM) and partner agencies today officially launched a communication system for refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda. The two-way communication system is being rolled out to all refugee settlements in Uganda and is anticipated to cover the entire refugee operation by February 2019.
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